What I Think Of My Top Ten Posts

My top 10 posts are definitely intriguing ones. Some of my favorites to be honest! Here are my thoughts on my top 10 posts. I will go from least popular to most popular. Be sure to read them after completing this post!! 
  1. Mainstream Media Should Not Be Trusted (295 views): The media is full of liars. They only focus on politics and choose to ignore facts. "The power of the press is strong." Don't believe me? Look at how they bashed the McCloskeys, or how they undermined Ron DeSantis’ leadership during Covid. Most of their stories revolve around unimportant issues (like Trump mispronouncing Thailand), instead of major ones (like Bill Clinton having gone to Epstein's island numerous times without secret service).
  2. Appreciating our veterans (335 views): Respecting our veterans is a prominent issue for me. My generation doesn't understand the cost of freedom, and who pays the ultimate price. They just believe the media's usual talking points of "Anyone in the military are racist." Look at Adam Driver: Leftists called him "racist" because he said he joined the Marines because of 9/11. Driver said he didn't look at race when he signed up; he saw someone attacked his country and he wanted to stop these people. Vets don’t get enough respect.
  3. The Trial of Roger Stone Book Review (356 views): In this book, Milo Yiannopoulos delves into the horrors in Roger Stone's trial. Forget the fact Roger was wrongly framed, but his trial was completely unfair and fixed. "His trial was over before it began," Tucker Carlson said. I was ecstatic to see the President commute Roger's sentence. This book will give you chills; I recommend getting a copy of it. Stone’s trial is what happens when politics enter the legal system.
  4. Impeachment Hoax (359 views): This was an interesting one to write because it was around the time of impeachment. The President has gone through hell these last few years. The Democrats, in their radical agenda to regain power, lied continuously to Americans about the President. Now with all that has come out with Obama and his administration, I hope the President will turn the tables on them. I hope Republicans will grow a spine to stand up as well!
  5. Cancelling Cancel Culture (395 views): Cancel culture is 100% toxic. It destroys the lives of innocent people over mistakes, and doesn't allow us to become better. You get "cancelled" over politically correct things. If you align with Donald Trump, are prolife, or believe there’s only two genders, you're cancelled! It's disgusting, yet the people "cancelling" are guilty of these crimes themselves. Look no further than Hollywood. "Cancel for thee, but not for me.”
  6. An Interview with Gavin Rollins (447 views): This is definitely a favorite for me! I wanted to do an interview with someone in politics, but wasn't sure who. When I spoke with Gavin Rollins at an event, he was the one who discussed doing an interview for my blog, which I knew was the answer to what I wanted to do. I was surprised it went so well, and received such praise. Now, I'm the communications assistant for Gavin's campaign, which is an honor.
  7. Why Socialism Is Popular Among Young Americans (516 views): Socialism is popular among people my age. The Left altered history to make socialism look pleasant when we know it never works. My parents lived through socialism. My mother will tell me, "I escaped socialism in Guyana, and now people are trying to bring it here." We have to continuously push against what the radical Left is teaching, and show the truth about socialism. It's not easy, but possible.
  8. DeSantis Prevailed and Cuomo Crumbled (681 views): One of my favorites! Ron DeSantis deserves more praise than he gets, but for some reason, Andrew Cuomo succeeded during Covid-19. DeSantis was a "moron" according to the media. Look at the facts. Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to keep Covid patients, leading to thousands of deaths. DeSantis had the best leadership in the country, despite having the elderly population. I am proud that my first-time voting, it went to DeSantis. And I will give him the praise he deserves, because he really saved Florida from a catastrophe. Side note: Google pictures of DeSantis when he was younger. OMG!!!!!!!😍😍😍
  9. My Experience Attending A Planned Parenthood Meeting (747 views): Definitely not something I will do again. I attended the first Planned Parenthood meeting at the University of Florida. To sum it up, they're all snowflakes. They treated us all like babies, and made abortion to seem like sunshine and rainbows. It really made me sick to be at that meeting. All the "Myths about abortion" were complete lies. Again, read the post and you'll see what I mean.
  10. Pedophilia in Hollywood (843 views): My #1 post!! I was very shocked to see this climb so quickly. The truth of the sex cult that is Hollywood is frightening. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may not want to read this, but I suggest you do. The Left will shut it down. Social media already did, so might as well learn the truth before it's gone. Hollywood has gotten away with their crimes for so long. They thought, in their entitled heads, that the quarantine was good. In actuality, it gave us time to discover their crimes!

There's one post that isn't here. That's the one I wrote about putting down our first dog, Happy. I just wanted to share. https://youngpatriotrising.blogspot.com/2019/08/saying-goodbye-is-hardest-thing-to-do.html 

Thank you to everyone who reads and shares my posts to get them where they are in my top 10. 

Which of these posts was your favorite? Comment down!!

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