My Thoughts on the RNC

I'm not going to lie, this was the first time I really watched any Convention. Again, I never paid attention to politics until 2016's election, and I didn't get involved in politics (work on campaigns, post on social media, etc.) until 2019. My parents were adamant about watching the RNC (as they've been watching for a long time). I was going to watch nonetheless. I was blown away by how well Donald Trump and his team handled this Convention. The speaker list was amazing, and the videos showing how well the President has done the last 4 years truly shined. There's a reason why the RNC had 6 times the viewership compared to the DNC. I figured I could react to the RNC, and share what some of my favorite moments were.

There were some amazing speakers during this week. My favorite was Maximo Alvarez. The way he told his life's story of escaping Cuba, and living the American dream is so inspiring. What I shared on my social media is how Alvarez described socialism. He described it the same way my parents describe socialism. All of them can't believe that the thing they escaped could come to the United States. Democrats couldn't believe Alvarez didn't compare Trump to Castro. Isn't that something? Leftists are more pissed that someone who literally knew of Castro's horror didn't say Trump is the same way. Leftists don't know the horrors people like my parents or Maximo Alvarez went through. 

Another few I personally thought was amazing was Melania Trump (she looked gorgeous), Don Jr., Nick Sandmann, Jack Brewer, Herschel Walker, Jack Brewer, Abby Johnson, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrew Pollack (he was one of my other favorites), and so many others. Mike Pence was on fire. Donald Trump really captivated me, and proved 100% why he will win. One of my favorite moments was how Trump pardoned Jon Ponder, I almost cried at that part. Same thing with Madison Cawthorne standing up during his speech. Also, who loved that THE Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem? I know my mom and I did! The naturalization of people to the U.S. was great. Maybe this was for "good TV" but these were some amazing acts. 

In the RNC, you have seen the true sides of both parties. One side is praising America, bringing in normal working-class people from different backgrounds. The other side bashed America and Donald Trump, bringing in Hollywood elites and Democratic politicians. Democrats are the same people who say they "love minorities, LGBTQ+, or immigrants," yet ostracize any immigrant/minority/LGBTQ+ who's a Republican. Look at how they treat Melania. I know what her past was, but Democrats are hypocrites. They had a convicted murderer speak at the DNC, but go off at Melania posing nude. They also criticize Melania for "not speaking English." Could you imagine if a Republican said that about Ilhan Omar, Tammy Duckworth, or any other Democrat from a different country? The Left would have a field day. Even how they treat any African American who supports Trump, calling them derogatory names. It's appalling. And of course, let's not forget how attendees were harassed or attacked by the mob after Trump's speech. Basically, it comes down to this. Democrats only want to bash America and Trump, and lift their own side. Republicans only want to praise America and what makes it great. 

If nothing else, this RNC was uplifting. It reminded us how we are a great nation. Not because of the politicians, but because of normal Americans like you and I. There is a lot at stake here, but I think this really inspired a lot of people, and gave Trump a boost. The DNC was so dark and depressing. Spouting the same talking points about Republicans, Donald Trump, and his supporters. The RNC was impressive for my first time watching a Convention!

Who was your favorite speaker? Comment down!!

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