The Radical Left is the Enemy of the American People

Joe Biden and the rest of the media and politicians all repeat the same talking point that the violence is Donald Trump's fault. That he was "fanning the flames of hate." Believing what the Democrats say blindly are completely idiotic. Do some research. Look at how long it took Democrats to speak out against the rioters. And why did they do it finally? Not because of the violence against innocent people, not because of the cities practically burning down, it was because their polls are going down. The media ignore their own hypocrisy. The media lies continuously. After the RNC, Trump regained popularity and now Democrats are scared. But I’ve said it once and I'll say it again: the radical Left is the true enemy to Americans.

Since the beginning, they've been silent about the violence. Even before the riots happened, Democrats supported bad things happening to conservatives or Republicans. Remember Maxine Waters said that if you see a member of Trump's cabinet to harass them? Or Kathy Griffin saying to inject Trump with air? Or even how the Left repeatedly called Donald Trump and his supporters racists, Nazis, or white supremacists? Donald Trump addressing the issue, since it began, is not "fanning the flames of hate." He tried to protect Americans, but he was stopped every time. "Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't." These people are so ignorant that they decided to say something about the violence until it affected the polls. Like Don Lemon said, "It’s showing up in the polling." This just proves what we all knew: Democrats only care about Americans when an election is near. Democrats are exposing themselves to be the liars we all know and despise. Notice how it's the Left creating all this violence, but you never see a group of Republicans doing this.

It's under Democratic leadership that these major cities are under attack. Ever notice how this violence and riots are happening in cities run by Democrats? Why else are the riots not happening under Republican leadership? Now, let's look at the facts. Donald Trump was the one who tried to help stop the violence. Petty Democrats hate Donald Trump so much they'd rather see their citizens get murdered senselessly. I don't care if this sounds insensitive. Look at what happened in the CHAZ/CHOP zones, because Democrats didn't stop the violence. Look at what is happening in places like NYC, who cut funding from police, how much crime has raised. 

I came across an interesting point in one article. Any history buffs might know how Democrats are preparing themselves to repeat history. A large part why Ronald Reagan won as governor was because his opponent, Pat Brown, refused to denounce the violence in the Watts riot of 1965. Richard Nixon wouldn't have won either if it wasn't for the violence occurring at the time. Democrats refusing to denounce the riots are causing them to lose support. Look how many are becoming red-pilled, especially after the BS from Democrats over Covid-19! "Rules for thee but not for me." Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Lori Lightfoot, and numerous others were caught doing things without masks, but their constiutents will be arrested for opening their businesses. Democrats said we couldn't go to church, but we can riot. Democrats said we couldn't have funerals, but we can loot and burn down cities. We were played.

Antifa and BLM was the Left's militia. They are domestic terrorists. They still are. The only reason they're now coming out against it is because of how it affects the polls. These evil, selfish people hijacked the peaceful protests to give them an excuse to commit violence and evil. Why else do they say it's okay if they burn down businesses (including minority-owned businesses who they claim to defend)? "They've got insurance!" Because anyone in these groups are unproductive members of society who have no value in life, so they ruin others. For a group against Fascism, they sure like to show how pro-Fascist they are. Forcing people to put their fists in the air? Wake up America!! These aren't just mindless, idiotic sheep, but they're violent. This is makes Antifa and BLM so dangerous. 

Democrats are still lying to us. This violence won't stop if Biden is elected. It shows what happens if you go against the Left. They bring out their militia to frighten us. Look at how many innocent lives were taken, because Democrats refused the President's help. Nobody would've died if the Democrats could let go of their petty hate, but their hatred for Donald Trump was so strong, it allowed innocent people to lose their business or die. You notice the violence stopped once the National Guard was deployed. Democrats want the violence to continue, so you will either be too scared to vote or blindly listen to them. We cannot allow this to continue. Keep speaking out against this, then make sure these radical Leftists get voted out of office. That's the only way we can stop this. The main point is that the true danger to Americans is the Democrats. They allow this violence to scare us into submission to make it easier to push their radical, socialist agenda. Don't let them trick you.

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