Cuties: This Is Just The Beginning

Far-Right Trolls Are Falsely Saying LGBT Activists Want Pedophilia Accepted

Author's note: This post may seem a little disturbing, like many of the other posts I've done regarding this topic. All of what I am discussing is easy to find on the worldwide web. None of this is "revealing" information, but strictly opinion. Even if you're uncomfortable on this topic, still educate yourself.

The Left has been normalizing pedophilia, or downplaying it. After Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Epstein were caught, the Left has been rushing to normalize pedophilia. The latest movie from Netflix, "Cuties," more Americans realized how true this statement is. The scary thing is that "Cuties" is just the beginning. I have suspected that the Left is trying to normalize pedophilia because of what Ghislaine Maxwell could reveal on Sept. 22nd. "Cuties" is just the beginning. 

If you're unfamiliar with the "Cuties" controversy, here's a quick explanation. Netflix started advertising this movie a few weeks ago. Almost immediately, "Cuties" received major backlash. If you haven't seen any clips or the trailer, I envy you. I was nauseated by what I saw. Netflix's bio for the movie basically states that a young girl from a Muslim family "discovers who she is" after seeing a group of girls dancing. What they don't tell you is that the "dancing" is extremely sexual. The girls dancing are 11 years old. These girls are competing in a dance competition, but when you see that scene in the competition, it's nauseating. This movie is basically the exploitation of young girls. Netflix, however, defends the movie. Shocker, I know. Supposedly, the movie was to "raise awareness about exploiting young girls." Like Blaire White said, "Exploiting kids to raise awareness about exploiting kids is like abusing an animal to raise awareness about animal abuse." This movie will surely give pedophiles incredible dreams. 

What the hell was Netflix thinking in releasing this movie? People are cancelling their subscriptions, #CancelNetflix has trended for days now, and their stock has dropped drastically (Netflix lost $9 billion in one day)! I don't only blame Netflix though; I also blame the parents who allowed their child to become a sex object (they should be arrested) and the people who worked on the movie for sexualizing these children. I normally don't support cancel culture, but in this instance, I do. The movie is disgusting, but what's more disgusting is how people are defending this movie.

Multiple outlets have supported the film, calling it an eye-opener, while saying anyone who criticizes the movie is a "right wing agitator." Out of any topic we disagree on politically, everyone should be disgusted by this movie. This isn't a right wing issue. If you read the reviews on Google (has 1.3 stars), Rotten Tomatoes (3% approval), or the trailer itself (which has over 1.3 million dislikes, compared to a 43,000 likes), that should say enough. Nobody likes a movie that gives pedophiles our children on a silver platter. Although it is mainly Donald Trump and Republicans who talk about sex trafficking, compared to the left. Like I said, pedophilia and the exploitation of young children is something most Americans hate. This isn't (and shouldn't be) a partisan issue.

These people have no morals. Look no further than California. Ignoring the real issues, like drug addiction, forests burning, or homelessness, they chose to accept a bill that allows someone to have "consensual sex" with a minor 10 years younger, and not be labeled a sexual predator, which Newstrom just approved.

Why hasn't any Democrat (besides Tulsi Gabbard) called the movie out? Why is Hollywood and #MeToo silent on this exploitation from "Cuties" and the passing of this bill? The media is also clearly trying to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Vice has pushed child exploitation, but never got any punishment, and the New York Times did too. Nickelodeon and Disney are equally guilty like Netflix. Tammy Bruce called some of these people out for their disregard. The Left's silence is as bad as supporting pedophilia. If you think having sex with children is a sexual orientation, get the hell off my page. Children cannot consent. Plain and simple. 

With all the bills and movies coming out, as well as the rise in MAPs (Minor Attracted People) who are using this term and using the LGBT+ community so their actions are acceptable, and drag kids, it's clear we are in the fight for our life. More than that, the fight for our children. Our elected leaders are barely doing anything. I was glad to see Matt Schaefer ask for an investigation of child abuse from "Cuties," as well as Republicans sending the DOJ a letter to investigate the movie. Donald Trump should follow suit. Silence on this topic will only allow movies like "Cuties" to continue. I hate to say this, but the world began in sexual sin, and at the end of all days, it will end in sexual sin. If we do want to #SaveOurChildren, we have to continuously fight companies like Netflix or groups like the MAP community who want to endanger our most innocent. 

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