The Media Should Be Held Accountable For Their Lies

This election woke up more Americans to how the media are complete liars and untrustworthy. Fox News surprised a lot of people for pushing liberal bias. I’ve said this before, but it’s true: mainstream media is the enemy of the American people. The coverage for Joe Biden and even the election has truly been sickening. At this point, it feels like you don’t know where to get your news from for the election because it’s all rigged to show Biden winning. Democrats, and even so-called “Republicans,” will give Biden states that only have some of the votes in, but when it comes to states like Florida or Texas, with over 90% of the votes in, they want to “wait and make sure the votes are fair.” The media is no longer worth trusting in. Whatever sliver of respect or trust Americans had in them has been completely lost. The media needs to be held accountable for their false and (quite honestly) outrageous reporting. MSM follows this Adolf Hitler quote to a tee: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

Look at how the media lied about Donald Trump, calling him a racist and white supremacist. The media especially tried to make us believe that Trump was racist against Hispanics. That’s a complete lie, and Trump has the record to prove it. Why did Trump do so well with Latino voters? Because Democrats pandered only to African Americans, while completely ignoring Hispanics. Most Hispanics can think for themselves, and many escaped socialism or Communism. They understand what Democrats are pushing for. That’s why Trump won so much of the Cuban vote. They recognize his results of helping their community. Now, you’d think the media would recognize this, but instead, they assume that any minority that voted for Trump hates themselves. Remind me again who is the racist side? There are so many other examples of how the media has lied to us, but I don’t have the time to write all of them. 

Instead of recognizing the truth, the media keeps covering for their own side. Why else did they choose to not cover the Tony Bobulinski? Journalism is truly dead. Tucker Carlson mentioned many good points about how the media lost their credibility. Why is this? Because they're all out of touch with average Americans. Despite him saying "Not Fox News," I think Tucker was still calling out Fox for being biased (which we all know). The way the media immediately shut down Tony Bobulinski's story on the Bidens should've told you enough. Tucker was the only person willing to take on the Left, and allow Tony to explain his truth. The Bidens are clearly compromised, and shouldn't be in the race still, yet the media covers for Biden.

Fox News really woke up people to how biased they are. Look at who is in the election observing panel: Dana Perino (press secretary for George W. Bush, appointed to U.S. Agency for Global Media by Barack Obama), Donna Brazile (served twice as acting Chair for the DNC, and fed the questions in the debates to Hillary Clinton in 2016), Juan Williams (clear Trump hater, biased towards Biden), Karl Rove (Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff for GWB), Britt Hume (he's okay, but I think he's salty to Trump because he wasn't offered a position), and Chris Wallace (don't think I need to explain him). These are the people who are the "unbiased and fair" panel Fox has to offer. Their reporting of the election was disgusting. The media has become a joke for the country. You can't trust a word they say. 

At this point, the media will only tell whatever truths benefit them. Again, it’s no longer about the truth. It’s about politics. They cover BS lies about Trump, but never focus on any allegations against Biden. The media only focuses on the “bad” for Republicans. Why else do none of them have anything to say about Trump’s work to fight human trafficking, or how he is bringing peace in the Middle East? Because if they can’t push the “orange man bad” narrative, they don’t care. Is it any wonder that people don’t trust the media, and think fake news is a bigger crisis than terrorism? This election proved two things: 1) the media is no longer trustworthy, and 2) this is the beginning of the end. America will never recover after this. We must keep calling out the media for their hypocritical lies, and politically motivated reporting. How Nick Sandmann took on CNN and the Washington Post for their lies, we must do essentially the same. They’re on a power trip, and we have to wake them up from this. If this article didn't convince you the media should be held accountable, I truly don't know what will. 

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." ~Psalm 33:12. (Just wanted to leave this as a message to keep hope alive. Democrats won't win.)

What is your take on how terrible Fox was on reporting the election? Comment down!!

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