2020 Election: What To Do

With the 2020 election coming up in a few days, we could be seeing a big change happen. For better or worse. It seems like things just seem scary and worrisome, with good reason too. Looking at both candidates, we know that the country would fall if the Left won. There's a lot to consider with this upcoming election. 

With all that's come out with the Bidens, it is clear that they are a threat to our democracy. After the New York Post's recent article accusing Joe Biden of using his position as Vice President to help his son's and brother's involvement with their business in Ukraine and China, big tech and the media has done a lot to shut down this story to keep their candidate "safe." Everyone believed that Joe Biden was the lesser of two evils, because he had a seemingly "non-flawed" record. Forget his 47 years of doing nothing to better America, but he sold out the United States to make him and his family rich. If you voted for Joe Biden, and regret voting for him, I would say do a little research to see if you couldn't change your vote. I know certain states do allow this. Check out Tucker Carlson's interview with Tony Bubulinski to discover the truth, and remember Tony is not a Trump supporter. He has no ulterior motive to doing this. The evidence is damning.

I have said this from the beginning, but please don't be an uneducated voter. That's the worst kind of voter. The ones who will just vote based on party or race, but not policy. Look at what Democrats said about Trump's coyote comment. How can these people say they know best about immigration policy, yet have no knowledge regarding that topic? Look at the policies Joe Biden endorsed. For example, did you know Joe Biden supported getting rid of Medicaid, Medicare, and veterans' benefits? Yet Democrats say that this is Trump's policy. Joe Biden and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the violence BLM and Antifa is committing, yet the media will insist that Donald Trump should denounce white supremacy (despite doing that numerous times). Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support tax-payer funded abortion (until the point of birth), the Green New Deal, fracking, closing the economy to "stop Covid-19," and many other radical ideas that would destroy the country. If you like low taxes, putting veterans first, a safer country, law and order, the choice is obvious.

The people who claim to care about minorities, like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, hurt the minority community more than anything. Joe Biden's crime bill put more African American men in jail, while Donald Trump's criminal reform lifted African Americans out of these circumstances. Joe Biden called segregationist Robert Byrd his "friend, guide, and mentor." Richard Spencer and David Duke endorsed Joe Biden. Kamala Harris led to numerous African Americans getting arrested over marijuana charges, yet laughed about smoking it. Donald Trump lifted the minority community, and speaking as a minority, I can fully attest to this. Unfortunately, many people I know, including minorities, believe the lie that Democrats push, and don't try to do more research to learn the truth. Trump's work with prolife legislation and human trafficking legislation should be enough to make you want to vote for him.

Something I've noticed in this election is how many apolitical people are becoming outspoken in their support for Donald Trump. People I've known for years, who never posted political stuff, are now sharing their support for Trump. I believe there are many others like this. I remember I had lunch with a friend, and we were walking past a group of students yelling "No war with Iran! F**k Donald Trump!" And my friend, who normally doesn't talk politics, said to me "I don't get it. Iranians were dancing in the streets, praising and thanking Trump for killing Soleimani. Why are people upset at this?" I told her, "That's exactly the point. They just believe what the media tells them without thinking it through." Don't be an ignorant voter. 

There is too much on the line. 2016 was a warmup. I am proud to say this was my first time voting in a presidential election, and it was exciting. Glad to say I voted for the right person! Please, don't get cocky and assume Trump will automatically win. That's what Democrats thought in 2016, but it backfired. I believe they're setting themselves up to fail again, as there's many similarities to 2016 and 2020. Get out and vote in person. I know things can seem scary or worrisome, and with good reason. I feel the same way. I read how people are buying supplies (i.e. water, toilet paper), as if we will experience the apocalypse will happen, which let's be fair, I think bad things will happen nonetheless. We are one election away from being a safe and prosperous nation to a corrupt socialist hole. I don't know what could happen in this election. But I fully believe in faith over fear. I think, despite whatever the results are, God is in control. He will take care of us. To be honest, unless Democrats cheat the system (which we know they could do), Trump will win. I feel our fear of what could happen if Donald Trump loses takes away from who is really in charge. If you remember nothing else, faith over fear. 

With all he is doing to expose the truth, I worry Tucker could be the next Epstein. Keep Tucker Carlson in your prayers in the same way you keep Donald Trump in your prayers.

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