Donald Trump's Biggest Accomplishments And Failures

Now that President Trump has left office, and we now have a new administration, I thought of what I consider Trump's greatest accomplishments and failures were. There are certainly many accomplishments I can write about, just as much as I can write about his failures. I'm not going to say these last four years were horrid, because that's a lie. At the same time, we can't ignore where Trump fell short. If we can't hold any fault to him and only praise him, we're no better than the Left (or certain conservative groups). 

Accomplishment #1: Exposed the truth of the Swamp. Nobody truly knew the extent of the Establishment. They're all sellouts.  And it wasn't only one side guilty of this, it's both. Donald Trump exposed them. That's why they wanted Trump to lose. He became a thorn in their side, since he wouldn't sell out the American people. I think, if nothing else, this was his greatest triumph in four years. He fought like hell for Americans, and the Swamp hated this. They want puppets to do their bidding. Why else did Biden become their choice, when Bernie Sanders was clearly the popular choice? The Establishment want those who have no problem selling us out. Donald Trump wouldn't do that. Even now, he is no longer President, but he still puts Americans and our troops first. 

Failure #1: Who he pardoned (towards the final days of his administration). Who he pardoned, in terms of those who were wrongfully convicted, like Michael Flynn or Dinesh D'Souza or Roger Stone, were fine. I was going to lose a lot of respect for him if he didn't help Roger Stone. The pardons toward the end, like the rappers or Steve Bannon (yuck), I totally disagreed with. Everyone wanted him to pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, but he didn't. I know McConnell said if he did, impeachment would continue. He didn't, and the impeachment is continuing. I felt that was a major disappointment.

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Accomplishment #2: Fought for the unborn and fought human trafficking. His prolife legislation and combat against human trafficking was a major win in his administration. He fought to protect all life from those who simply don't care. His work to fight human trafficking truly astounded me. It's such an important issue that never got the attention it deserved, but he brought it to light. He also brought to light those involved in these evil acts, if you catch my drift. Prolife and human trafficking are two topics I discuss often.

Failure #2: Who he kept in his inner circle. Bill Barr, Steve Bannon, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Con Inc., and many others have truly been traitors to the conservatives and Americans. Like Tucker Carlson said, "They claim to be for you but aren't." Most of these people are sellouts who rode Trump's coattails to either get famous or get reelected. Once he was in trouble, they all betrayed Trump, and essentially, the American people. Trump should've used better discretion in knowing this. We all saw through it, and I felt that's what truly cost him. When he ran in 2016, the people he worked with or supported him had his back. They had their lives destroyed for him. The ones who supported him in 2020 didn't have his back, and most were Never Trumpers. If Trump recognized this, I believe he would've had a better chance of remaining President. Of course, I hold no fault to him completely. The Swamp runs deep, and he is but one man.

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Accomplishment #3: Keeping America out of new wars. The United States never entered a new war during Trump's four years. The last President to keep the U.S. out of a new war was Jimmy Carter. That's an incredible feat. Many politicians thought it was a terrible idea. Our armed forces wouldn't lose their lives over an endless war. They were treated with the utmost respect by Donald Trump. Now, Biden is potentially going to deploy thousands of troops overseas. Back to the endless wars. Trump certainly earned my respect for having this knowledge and respecting our troops.

Failure #3: Never stopped big tech. This was certainly a loss on Trump. Even after getting kicked off of Twitter and Facebook, Trump said he knew this was going to happen. If you knew it would happen, why not stop them? Despite Republicans stopping Trump from accomplishing this goal, he had the power to prevent big tech from remaining so powerful. Now, it's too late. Hopefully these alternatives will take off, like Gab or Telegram, but after what happened to Parler, who really knows?

Aside from his failures, I truly believe we lived through one of the greatest presidencies in our time. Trump was one of the greatest Presidents we had. He deserves to relax and enjoy the time off. I do believe he isn't done in politics, and I'm looking forward to what he will do. 

What did you consider to be President Trump's greatest accomplishment or failure? Comment down!!

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