The Root Problem in U.S. Politics

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I came across this question on Quora, and I thought it was an interesting one. The question states, "What is the root problem in U.S. politics?" There are certainly many answers to this, but my answer to this question can be summed up in one sentence. There are no term limits for Congress and Senate. We have too many people who do NOT represent us, but only themselves and their lobbyists. These politicians get comfortable making money off of the American people, and do not put our best interests first. We need to term limit Congress and the Senate.

Look at the joke impeachment was. First of all, our "representatives" couldn't decide for months on what to do to help Americans. What did they finally decide on? $600. They could still give millions to other countries! Congress has a MUCH lower approval rate than President Trump. The most recent poll for Congress' approval from December of 2020 shows a 15% approval, even lower than the previous year. The author even stated how Americans already view Congress as "a group of ineffectual politicians who are out of touch with their constituents." Even though Congress today has the "largest number of women and being the most diverse Congress in American history," not much improved the opinions of Americans "regarding the legislative branch." What did Congress do to remedy that? Impeach the person who actually got more popular after being kicked off social media. The Establishment are completely out of touch from what We The People want. Any Republican or Democrat who has been in politics for decades should leave already. We deserve better. What ticks me off is how people will complain about these Republicans who do nothing, then vote them back in. Rather than taking a chance on a Republican who has less/no experience in politics, compared to the career politician, most vote for the career politician because "they know what they're doing." Really?

One thing I actually agree with AOC on is that there are too many career politicians in office. Unfortunately, she still elects these people. That's what so humorous about Democrats (and RINOs). Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Romney, Waters, McCain, and many other dirt-old politician blame Trump for how things are, yet ignore that they have been in power for so long, yet haven't solved any of the problems Trump is "at fault" for. Politicians are not elected to get rich, but to serve us. They seem to forget that during their time in office. Think about it though, you'd get corrupted too if you knew you were getting paid to do nothing. If we term limit all politicians, they can no longer 1) Leave office as millionaires from our money, and 2) Corruption would certainly decrease. There might be a select few who haven't been corrupted from being in politics for more than a decade. Unfortunately, I really can't think of one. If you do, comment down!

In terms of the "Are term limits constitutional?" debate, I do believe they're 100% constitutional. The fifth article in the Articles of Confederation (1781-1789) says, "no person shall be capable of being a delegate [to the continental congress] for more than three years in any term of six years." I don't know one conservative or liberal who thinks Congress or Senate shouldn't be term limited. That's one topic we all agree on!! Some politicians understand the need for term limits, like Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose quote I included. Other politicians have also called for term limits, like Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul. It's not surprising that most of the country hates career politicians. Lobbyists love career politicians since they’re easily bought off. That is why no one in office hate the mention of term limits. Even ex-lobbyists attest to this. Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff said, "When I was a lobbyist, I hated the idea that a Congressman who I had bought with years of contributions would decide to retire. That meant I had to start all over again with a new member, losing all the control I bought with years of checks."

You want to know the root problem in U.S. politics? Look no further than our elected officials Term limits is an absolute must. If you notice, mostly younger politicians/people are advocating for term limiting politicians. Why? We have recognized that there are too many people on power who only care about power, and not their constituents. That's it. We have to recognize that, despite a few politicians remaining faithful to Americans, 90% of them aren't. We have to term limit Congress and the Senate.

What do you think is the main problem in U.S. politics? Comment down!

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