Sexual Assault Shouldn't Be One Sided

On Jan. 31st, both the Lincoln Project and TPUSA were caught in hot water. Both have been caught with sexual assault allegations. With the Lincoln Project, co-founder, John Weaver, was accused and caught with grooming young men. Some as young as 14. Despite the LP claiming to know nothing about the situation, both the author and the victims state this is a lie. Many high-profile figures who worked with the LP have been scrutinized too, as well as bringing in Epstein up again. With TPUSA, many young women have come forward on social media to discuss how they were sexually assaulted by influencers at these conferences. It's sad that this happened, but not shocking as the students can basically do whatever they want. I read in one thread that at the High School Leadership Summit that the students were given universal key cards for their room. Because 18 year old men/women having access to 13/14 year olds is an excellent idea. What these two organizations' have taught us, however, is that sexual abuse has no political identity. I know this should be a given, but I feel politics has caused us to view abuse one-sided. 

Before I continue, as many of you know, Rush Limbaugh passed away yesterday. The news broke after his wife announced it on Rush's radio show. I tell you, I haven't felt this saddened/heartbroken by a death since Billy Graham. I felt like I couldn't move, I was so shocked and sad. I've seen it blow up on my timelines. Rest in peace to one of the greatest legends, Mr. Rush Limbaugh.

In these situations, however, both have been politicized. Some of the comments regarding both situations are nauseating. Why these stories are being criticized is beyond me, but it proves that the view on sexual abuse is one-sided. Leftists are calling accusers against their side liars, and conservatives are doing the same vice versa. Sexual abuse shouldn't be viewed as one-sided. When you're being sexually abused, there is no politics. That's not the point. We need to have better views of sexual abuse. If it happens to an organization with conservative or liberal views, it shouldn't matter what their political affiliation is. That takes away from what actually happened. Everyone just argues about "Oh, typical a Republican did this" or "Why am I not shocked a Democrat did this?" rather than focus on the crime committed or help the victim get justice. We need to view abuse when it is happening, not the politics. If we can't, we'll never be able to stop it from happening. 

Mahgdalen Rose and I discussed this, but it's true. There's an almost push to keep parents uninvolved with their kids' political life. Imagine if more parents were at these conferences. You wouldn't see something like this as rampant. Turning Point should be more responsible and more organized. The Lincoln Project also has a terrible reputation of keeping their employees safe. The higher ups didn't care what the victims told them, because it's ALWAYS about protecting their own and themselves.

Another big problem is regarding how the justice system gives sexual abusers a slap on the wrist, while treating victims even worse. Brandon Tatum is a perfect example of this. As a cop, shouldn't he understand why women (and even men) don't go to the police and choose to go on social media to discuss their assault? He proved why these victims do what they do. If we do want to stop sexual assault, we need to give rapists/abusers worse punishment. When politics enter, then you've got a circus happening, rather than focusing on the core problem. What the truth? According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), out of 1,000 rapes, 5 are reported, which is less than 1%

That's not meant to scare you, but expose you to how corrupt our legal system is. "The vast majority of perpetrators will not go to jail." Unfortunately, we've got jokes like Brandon Tatum, basically stating what happened to these women is okay, or the supporters from the Lincoln Project claiming the victims' statements are lies. Politics shouldn't come before helping someone.

What happened to these victims was horrible. At least from what I've seen with Turning Point, they are willing to work with one of the victim's to get things worked out to prevent this from happening to other women. The Lincoln Project, on the other hand, are just burying themselves further and further. Ironic how the side that called out Trump's "behaviors" were guilty of it themselves. Again, sad but not shocking. I've yet to see Charlie Kirk comment on the situation though. Society, unfortunately, has a one sided view of abuse, and that shouldn't be the case. We need to view abuse from all places and just drop the politics. It doesn't help the victims, nor prevent the crime from happening again. 

What was your view on the situation with the Lincoln Project and #TPUSAtoo? Comment down!!

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