Mahgdalen Rose Interview

This is an interview I've wanted to do for a long time. Mahgdalen Rose has certainly impacted how I view politics and who the true patriots/fakers are. She's an accomplished woman, and I have loved getting to know her. We discussed numerous issues. I hope you'll enjoy reading our conversation as much as I loved interviewing Mahgdalen.

Question #1: "Why don’t you explain to my viewers who you are and what you do?" 
Answer: "I host The Mahgdalen Rose Report and the McFiles Network. I hosted a show in some configuration for about two years now. I talk to leaders in politics, education, society, and culture, or any of those who have a cause to elicit change because I want there to be an element of 'What can I do/How can I participate' while watching the interview. I'm also a writer for the Freedomists, which is a young conservative organization. I write about politics and education. I'm also a co-host of the Stop Yelling, Start Thinking podcast on the Freedomists platform. We discuss current events, and one of my co-hosts is a young conservative from New Zealand, so we talk about current events on a global perspective. I also do my own independent livestream reporting."
Question #2: "Why did you get involved in politics?"
Answer: "I got involved after the Parkland shooting. I had recently graduated high school. That tragedy caused bad things people were not aware of, especially throughout the political world. It was a grim time. I knew young conservatives who were being targeted for not attending the school walkouts for gun control. I just graduated, but I knew people in high school. I also saw online how young conservatives were being treated, and how they were being casted as the failure of this generation, and I didn't feel that my young conservative leaders were doing anything to stand against this. There were man on the street videos done to see what young liberals wanted in terms of gun control, but not enough was done to protect young conservatives. I reached out to many young conservative leaders who never got back to me or told me 'That's how things are.' I wanted to be a better voice for young conservatives, so it just steamrolled from there."
Question #3: "I understand you’re critical of the conservative movement. Can you tell me what is problematic within the conservative movement?"
Answer: "There are a lot of areas that needs improvement. I would say the main issue is there’s little organization. People think there's a lot of organization because the RNC is this powerful entity, but if you look back at the 2020 election, there were many things we didn't do. We didn't do any virtual townhalls, nor any local politics components. I spoke to one of the co-founders of the Tea Party Movement about this, and he explained that there's a rejection of local politics within the conservative world. I think that comes from Trump doing so many rallies, and that being his style. Additionally, in the conservative movement, there's a focus in becoming a celebrity over getting elected or being a strategist. One of the things we hate about the Left that I've noticed from the people I spoke with is that they want to be the center of attention, and that's bled into the conservative movement. When you have that, you get a bunch of leaders who don't protect conservatives or conservatism at all."
Question #4: "In the Georgia Senate race, less Republicans and conservatives showed up to vote. We’ve both told our audiences how important local politics is. Why do you believe this?"
Answer: "I think local elections really have to mean anything besides Presidential elections. For a long time, I was wondering why the Republican party was obsessed with the Presidency. Republicans used to focus on governorships and state legislatures. We held those positions for so long. Now this focus on the national elections have made local politics less relevant. Local races are important because that's how you control the government. If President Biden had a Republican-led Senate and House, he would not be pushing the things he is pushing. He wouldn't be signing the things he is signing because he would upset the legislators. If you're concerned about voting rights or other issues, that happens at the state/local level. That's something the RNC doesn't focus enough on. They just want to fundraise, and it's easier to fundraise at the national level."
Question #5: "I understand abortion is an important topic for you. What led you to be prolife?"
Answer: "I'm prolife because I'm an only child. My mom had me when she was 39, and she was told she should have an abortion because I might have Down Syndrome. She didn't, and she was told she’d be doomed to raise a child with Down Syndrome, like it's a life sentence. She was also told there was a chance of miscarriage. I was aware all the time that I could have been erased as a human being. I think of it as the interests I have, like my favorite color is red or blue, or my phone and favorite playlist of music, all those things would have been gone if I was aborted. Abortion is the erasing of human potential, and really the erasing of someone's stamp on the world. I also don't understand why people think it's acceptable to erase what someone could be or the imprint they're going to have in the world. I've discussed this with liberals, and I've said to them 'I'm not going to be okay with someone getting erased because you think it's the right political move.' That's really where I have issues with the Left. I'm uncompromised on this. I don't understand how anyone is truly okay with erasing another person's existence."
Question #6: "You've discussed what the GOP needs to do when 2024 comes around. I'm curious to know who you think could be a potential choice for the 2024 Presidential election?"
Answer: "There's nobody in Congress I could think of. I know Josh Hawley wants to run. I don't think he could carry the party, and having read his New York Post op-ed about censorship, I did not feel like I was reading the words of somebody who was a genius in this. I think he's a very capable Senator and lawyer. I'm glad the people of his state voted for him, and he's representing them well. There's not one specific person I could name. What I think we need is someone from the business world, and not necessarily the business world Trump came from. We need someone who was the CEO of a company they didn't build who can show that when they entered that business, they solved the problems. Someone who can show that when they step into a new role of a business they didn't necessarily build, because it's not like this person had built America or anything, but that they could take over and hold strong over the media. I think we need a genius, but not necessarily an intellectual. Right now at this point in our country, we need someone who genuinely knows what is going on. Not someone who repeats the same talking points, but someone who can see what is going on. Perhaps someone in the news media or from the economics world, I don't think Hollywood would work, but certainly someone from the media could."
Question #7: "What do you think causes a politician to fail or succeed at running a campaign?"
Answer: "I think previously, before the Trump era on the Republican side, I think there were a lot of issues fundraising strategy or messaging, but now the Republicans that I see fail at campaigns that are winnable, as in within 5 point margin, not with campaigns like Kim Klacik who was behind by 60 points. It comes down to is that they don't know how to do it. What I mean by that is Trump ran a big picture campaign in 2016 and 2020. He ran a campaign that was anchored in big moments. Candidates for the Republican party don't know how to run campaigns for smaller moments. They don't know how to run a Congressional campaign. They think the most important thing is to be on stage with Trump, which it isn't. I interviewed Congressman Peter Myer, who was running at the time for Congress, taking over Justin Amash's seat. He ran a very localized campaign, and I found that interesting. He was running in a district that does not love Trump, and he was able to win over moderate Republicans and Trump supporters because he was there. He was at town halls, he was helping communities during the pandemic, he was participating. Mike Braun ran a similar campaign. That's what needs to be happening. I'm not sure if that's happening on the Democrats' side, but I would assume it's a similar issue. People want to be popular, and if you don't have a good network and framework, I'd assume it's equally difficult to win over that office."
Question #8: "What do you think caused normally Republican states, like your home state of Virginia or now Georgia, to turn Leftist?"
Answer: "In Virginia's case, it was a long time coming. The Democratic party in Virginia has a strong base and framework, so that one was more natural for me. There were indicators for me, even before I was here. The GOP also ran a terrible governor candidates. These people are not vetted well. Clearly don't care. Maybe if they chose better gubernatorial candidates, you'd be in better luck. The legislators barely have any Democrats. It's not that Virginia has become a solid blue state, but it's a state the GOP has abandoned. I don't think that's necessary, but it is certainly unfortunate. You may not get the Presidency, but there are local and state seats you could win back. As for Georgia, that one is difficult for me because you cannot tell me the Trump campaign did not know what was happening in Georgia, or of the work Stacey Abrams was doing. You have to remember that after Trump lost, and what happened in the Georgia runoffs, an entire group of crazy people descended to Georgia and told conservatives not to vote out of loyalty to Trump, and nobody really refuted that in a big enough way. A couple of tweets is not enough when you have these rallies with people telling conservatives to not vote to stick it to the RNC. I'm curious to see if we could win back those seats. To me, it's kind of reminiscent of when that Democrat from Alabama, Doug Jones, won over Roy Moore because we had odd circumstances and crazy people in the mix, so maybe we could win those back."
Question #9: "What did you consider to be President Trump's greatest accomplishment and failure?"
Answer: "I believe that Trump's most significant accomplishment was his foreign policy efforts, specifically getting American hostages returned. His ability to negotiate with hostile foreign advisories and come out with what he went in wanting (the return of American hostages) is unparalleled in Presidential history and what a complete turnaround from the Obama years where hostage retrieval was sluggish and often unsuccessful. Seeing hostages returned to the USA like the ones from North Korea was a great moment for the American people. Trump's biggest failure was his judgment in who he hired and who he elevated in his administration. People who had helped him get elected or had been with him from day one was repeatedly passed over in favor of grifters and yes men. Trump had an inability during his term to hire people who could be both loyal to him and brilliant at their jobs. The only real exception was Pence. He seems to have been President Trump's best hire throughout his time in politics."
Question #10: "What do you think caused President Trump to lose?"
Answer: "I think he ran a terrible campaign. Some people are upset when I say that, but you have to understand that this man had no policy direction. In 2016, he had an entire flock of former strategists and staffers from Bob Dole, when running against Hillary Clinton. The Dole people have spent 20 years losing to the Clintons and understood the Clinton machine. Despite people thinking Trump didn't run a real campaign, he actually did. This time around, Trump was almost removed from the strategy, and you had people who were lifelong Republicans, people who had worked in the Bush campaign like Ed Rollins, so you had a really great network. Fast-forward to 2020, Lara Trump is the only person who has strategic capacity in the campaign. You have an entire group of people who, last time, were just media advisors running with the campaign. A lot of blame rests on Brad Parscale. This man ran a tech company which I do not believe was a great success. I think we saw that with how quickly the Left could shut it down. This wouldn't have happened if he had a good tech framework. Now, the Republican party is the party of the middle class; of your average working class American; who wish to achieve the American dream through hard work. When you have a party like that, you can't run a campaign for it through Facebook ads. You have to be there. Democrats were knocking on doors and participating. The Trump campaign were just having rallies. The problem was that you don't notice things like what happened in Arizona. What's particularly upsetting about Arizona is that the Trump campaign chief operating officer came from the Republican party of Arizona, so that man should've known what was happening. He should've publicly been saying to Trump, 'You've got to leave Michigan and come to Arizona, because Cindy McCain is crisscrossing Arizona to give Biden that win.' Unfortunately, he didn't say anything. That’s why I refuse to be sad about what happened. I feel like we gave this election away, in a lot of ways, to the Democrats."
Question #11: "Do you think Republicans have a chance of regaining either the House, Senate, or Presidency?"
Answer: "They have a chance of regaining the House. 2022 is coming up, and the divide is much narrower. I think it's narrower this time than it was for Republicans last time in the last midterms. I’m not sure about that, but Pelosi knows that. One of the indicators was the reporting of Pelosi asking the Biden administration not to make people in House seats who were in purple districts nominees for anything because that could cause the majority to get smaller, and that they have to choose someone from a safe, dark blue district. To me, that indicates she is worried that she cannot keep the majority. The Senate is difficult. I don't know what the current Senate map is for 2022. The Senate is difficult because you need peak enthusiasm, and I'm concerned that people are going to be believe that their votes don't matter because of what was pushed by the lunatics in Georgia. These were dangerous people in that situation in Georgia who aren't being held accountable in the conservative movement like they should be. I'm worried that they're going to continue to spread lies. If that happens, you might not win back the Senate. Also, governorships are important. If we start losing governorships because of what that Kracken lady, Sidney Powell, said about the voting machines, I will have a HUGE issue with that. I will really be angry at the Republican party over that."
Question #12: "Do you have any advice for conservatives our age who want to get involved in politics?"
Answer: "There’s this thing that young conservatives think. They don't need anyone's help in politics, nor should they involve their parents. I would say, especially if you're a young woman in politics, go places with your parents to political events. Make it a family thing. Don't isolate yourself. When I was 19, I went to an event in D.C. and there were a lot of shady people there, shady things happening there, it felt very skeevy, and I had my mom with me. I could talk to her about things that were happening there. I would like to see more young conservatives get involved in politics with their parents. I'd also like to add, don't start at the national level. Go to your local Republican areas. Don't get involved in big media personalities. As you and I know, there's all sorts of problems with them, and often times, they're not good leaders or role models, as I'm sure you've seen that. Be skeptical of these things. Don't go trying to look for representation."

Thanks to Mahgdalen for this awesome interview! Hope you guys liked it! Comment down what you thought, and look at my comments below. Remember to follow my Telegram channel!

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