The Toxicity of Cancel Culture

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It's been trending on social media what country singer, Morgan Wallen, did. As well as other celebrities, who I will discuss later on. First of all, I don't condone what he said because it was wrong. If you didn't happen to catch what happened, let me tell you. Morgan was out with some friends, and one of Wallen's neighbors caught Morgan (on video) using the N-word (as well as other expletives) to one of his friends. I'm not sure what this friend's ethnicity is. Nonetheless, the damage was done. Morgan was taken off CMT, ACM, and SNL. His contract was "indefinitely suspended. The record label dropped Morgan. This now raises the question: "Did Morgan deserve to be cancelled?" No, he didn't. What he said was wrong and stupid. Cancelling him was unnecessary. Unfortunately, what happened to Wallen is another example of how toxic cancel culture is. Nobody is safe from it. 

Cancel culture is terrible. You have no free speech. You have to be controlled into thinking the way the "politically correct" way. What bothers me about cancel culture is how hypocritical it is. When a white person says the N-word, everyone loses it. The politically correct/cancel culture mob come after you in full force if that happens. When an African American (or any other minority) says the N-word, nobody cares. How many rap songs are there that mention that specific word? Probably 1,000. What about how women are objectified as sex objects and whores in these rap songs? Nobody ever cancelled these rappers, boycotted their music, or demanded the record label/stores selling their music to drop them. It's a bit hypocritical to say one side cannot say that word, but another side can say it. The N-word is a derogatory word, no matter who says it. We shouldn't make it normal or okay that someone says it. Society don't care, however, when someone like Nick Cannon says white people are "subhuman animalistic savages" and regains his job. If you're a cancel culture warrior, who is okay with Nick Cannon's comment, but not Morgan Wallen, might want to quit the "industry."

I do believe that most people aren't on board with cancel culture. At least half of Americans think cancel culture goes overboard. Not many are okay with people's lives being destroyed over something so stupid. It's more the Right that doesn't like the effects of cancel culture, as we are the ones to be cancelled over having the "wrong views." You see cancel culture come after conservatives strongly. In Morgan Wallen's case, despite this video coming out, he still remains on top of the country music charts. According to the Billboard and Rolling Stone data, people bought 8,000 of his albums and downloaded 14,000 copies of his songs on Wednesday. Compared to Tuesday, Wallen sold 1,000 album copies and got 4,000 downloads. With streaming services, Morgan's on-demand streams increased by 6% on Wednesday, while his programmed streams rose 16%. Everyone can see the hypocrisy of cancel culture, and they're not letting it continue. 

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Even what has happened to Gina Carano is another example of the toxicity of cancel culture. These people fired Carano for referring to cancel culture as the equivalent to Nazi Germany, which may be a bad choice of words, but she’s right about how bad cancel culture is. Disney won’t fire James Gunn, who made pedophilia tweets. Spare me on how brave and helpful cancel culture is, especially in situations like this. Unfortunately, groups trying to combat cancel culture aren't getting the publicity they deserve. In my opinion, to combat Hollywood and cancel culture as a whole, we have to discover new solutions, just like what we did with big tech. I've linked one organization. Check them out!
I do hope the best for Gina Carano and especially Morgan Wallen. I've been a fan of his since his music first began, and when I heard how amazing he is live at the Florida-Georgia Line concert. He really could be someone in country music. I think Wallen could have a comeback from this mistake, but I really hope he learned from his mistake. At the end of the day, it was wrong what he said. It will most likely stay with him for the rest of his life, as social media makes it harder to move on from a mistake. I think that's the biggest problem I have with cancel culture. It doesn't allow the chance to grow. When you make a mistake, what do most people do? They move on, and see what they learned from that mistake. With cancel culture, you're not allowed to grow as a person, and become better. It's "You messed up. You're done. We don't care if you are going to move on. You'll have this mistake with you for the rest of your life." Morgan didn't deserve to be cancelled. but he is another victim of the callous and cruel cancel culture. It doesn't matter if you're sorry, they just want blood. Cancel culture is toxic.

Did Morgan Wallen and Gina Carano deserve to be cancelled? Comment down!

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