Favorite Places I've Traveled To

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This is a filler post. I haven't had time to sit down and brainstorm ideas, and I came across this. I figured I could write my own "travel blog post" and share my favorite places I've been. This is a list of my top five favorite places I've visited/vacationed at.

1. Trinidad and Tobago: This place was amazing. My dad's brother lives in Trinidad, and he was telling us how we should go, so for my 16th birthday we decided to go. Trinidad is more the industrial part, whereas Tobago is the scenic. And wow was it gorgeous. I remember we went to the Nylon pool, which is basically where you can stand in the middle of the ocean. It had just rained and a double rainbow came over us. It was gorgeous. We really had a great time.
2. Texas: I purely loved Texas because it felt like freedom there. You could smell it. I went there for YWLS, but my sister, mom and I decided to make it a fun trip. The day we landed, we drove to Oklahoma (featured soon). The next day, which was check-in, we went to WhatABurger and the 6th Floor Museum. The final day we were in Dallas, we also went to a really nice seafood place and the Eisenhower State Park.
3. Oklahoma: Only reason I truly loved Oklahoma was because of Blake Shelton's resturant, Ole Red. We found out it was 2 hours from the airport, so we got in our rental truck and drove there. Oklahoma was so scenic and relaxing to drive through. Just driving through grassland, but it was pretty! Once we got to the restaurant, we fangirled and shopped in Blake's store, then went to eat. The food was amazing. He really impressed us!
4. Amelia Island: This was where I went for my 21st birthday, if you remember my blog post. It was so pretty. Everyone was super friendly there and it's a great place to be with friends or family. I can't complain. I had a great time. Historic Amelia Island and the Boneyard Beach were fun!
5. Tennessee: I went here for Tobymac's music camp, which was amazing. I went two years, and I got to hear so many of my favorite Christian singers, as well as meet them. I even got to meet Tobymac and the leader of Newsboys (Michael Tait) blew me a kiss and I almost died. But Tennessee is a great state. Lots of sights! I especially loved going to get my boots there. 

What's your favorite place you've visited or vacationed at? Comment down!! Also, if you have any recommendations of what I could write about, comment those down too! I'm running low on ideas.

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