Pornhub Profits Off Human Trafficking and Pedophilia. Shut Them Down.

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Exodus Cry

Pornography is a serious problem in many people. I don't believe in it at all. Pornhub is the largest profiteer of porn. Many don't see an issue with pornography, and certainly not Pornhub. What you may not realize is that Pornhub is a major network for pedophiles and human traffickers. Pornhub literally, and I'm not overexaggerating in saying this, profits off of the rape and abuse of women and children. Pornhub must be shutdown. It's an evil tool that profits off human misery. This article will contain discussions of rape and sexual assault.

This all started I believe when a Florida teenager went missing. Her mother found her through a video uploaded to Pornhub by the captors. Investigators would soon discover there were 58 videos uploaded. A woman was adopted from China, and her adoptive family began trafficking her, and the videos ended up on Pornhub regularly. In an interview with the NYT, she said "Pornhub became my trafficker." In another situation, a female teacher in California was arrested after a student discovered a video from Pornhub of the woman and another student were performing sexual acts. Now, I would like to mention in the article (which I've linked), notice it says "Redwood City woman engaged in sexual acts with 14 year old female relative." I've discussed this before, but notice the wording when it's a female rapist versus a male rapist. When it's a woman, nobody calls it rape. When it's a man, they'll immediately say rape. Women can be predators too.  

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What I learned in my research is that videos from Pornhub can be downloaded. Even if they take down a video, which most times the authorities have to force them to take it down (which is even more effed up), if someone downloaded the video, they can reupload it and make that victim relive that experience again and again. Not only this, but there are ZERO safeguards to ensure the people in videos 1) are doing these disgusting acts consentually, and 2) are of legal age. You can also sell videos on Pornhub, and there's no way that you could be caught for selling videos of nonconsensual sex or of legal age. Fox Business shared that Pornhub (according to the website) makes a "35% commission from Modelhub," which is where you can sell/download videos.

An organization I've been reading on called TraffickingHub works to make sure PornHub is taken down. In their video, they discussed many instances where Pornhub allowed the abuse of minors and women to stay on their site. Pornhub profits from "racist, misogynistic, incestuous, and other rape-related content" as you can see by searching it on their site.

Former porn star, Jenna Jameson, has accused Pornhub of profiting off of abuse and rape. In numerous tweets, she said, "Reminder: Pornhub profits off of the rape and torture of women and children. Take a stand against these evil monsters at MindGeek (their parent company). Stop the use of Pornhub!!!" In a statement to The GuardianPornhub said that they have a "steadfast commitment to eradicating" non-consensual content and under-age material, and according to Pornhub, if you suggest otherwise, that's a categorically and factually inaccurate" viewpoint. In August, a group called "GirlsDoPorn" were caught abusing and trafficking their "clients." Pornhub didn't take the group off their platform until October, two months after the court case began. One 14 year old girl went through hell to get the video of her abuse/rape taken down from Pornhub. Pornhub verifies the accounts of rapists/traffickers with no issue, because they're making money. In an article from The Post Millenial, a man was arrested for uploading a video of him raping a 16 year old female, and Pornhub verified his account, despite this video. 

Now, it's been discovered that Mindgeek admitted to police that they didn't report the CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) to authorities because "they're not Canadian." Mindgeek is a privately owned Canadian company. Pornhub is owned by Mindgeek. Both are complicit in allowing abuse to happen on Pornhub's platform. 

In a time where Covid is considered the main pandemic, and #MeToo is an important fight, we shouldn't neglect cases like Pornhub. Just like big tech, PornHub profits off of human traffickers and abusers. They, along with Mindgeek, refuse to take responsibility, nor change their system to make it harder for the situations I've described to happen. They enable and encourage these evil and toxic behaviors. The good news is that there are people who are standing against the evil that is Pornhub. I highly recommend reading up on The Exodus Cry, TraffickingHub, Fighting The New Drug, End Sexual Exploitation. Also follow Laila Mickelwait and Eliza Bleu. Sen. Ben Sasse has asked the DOJ to investigate these instances. Actor Terry Crews called for Pornhub to shut down. Cardi B (of all people) even called out Pornhub for having "childlike" characters (i.e. Elsa from Frozen) on their site. It takes people like us to take a stand. What's happened with Pornhub isn't a the plot of a Lifetime movie, but something that's currently happening in real life. Pornhub must be held accountable for what they've done. Pornhub must be shut down. 

If you realized the severity of this situation, then sign the petition to have PornHub (aka TraffickingHub) shut down. It's received millions of signatures, and as many of us know, there's power in numbers. Please comment if you did! 

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