The Crisis at the Southern Border

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I'm not sure who watched Tucker Carlson Tonight on 3/16, but it was a fantastic episode. He is currently in El Salvador, focusing on the crisis at the southern border. Yes, there is a crisis on the border. Mainstream media is trying their hardest to cover up the truth, as per usual. The Biden administration won't even discuss or acknowledge what is happening. The surge of illegals is dangerous to our country, and Democrats appear to be alright with this happening. They're America last.

Too many illegal immigrants are attempting to cross our border to receive free healthcare, education and money in America. In other words, Democrats don't have to pay crap for any of this. We, the American people, do. On Tucker's show, he discussed how 100,000 this year (about two months into the Biden administration) tried to cross the border illegally. That's a significant increase from the year prior, which was only 34,000. The Biden administration is having FEMA, which is normally used for emergency situations like natural disasters, go out to help with the migrant minors. The facilities holding these children are overwhelmed.
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March 14th reported around 4,200 children (per BBC) being held in the detention centers. About 3,000 children have been held past the 72 hour limit. No Democrat have said anything regarding this crisis. Remember how Democrats treated Trump and ICE? They're guilty of the same thing. No one is paying attention to how the children are being treated under Biden's presidency, nor how he is ignoring this. Biden himself said he doesn't intend to visit the border, despite the ongoing crisis.  One lawyer told CBS that the children she interviewed could barely shower, were hungry, and couldn't see the sun. Biden voters, you proud? Children are suffering under your president.

Let's not just focus on what happened to these poor children. That's not even the worst part. All the criminals coming here is a terrible thing. MS-13 are horrid criminals. Who could forget all the murders that happened? Trump deported these criminals, but Biden is welcoming them back with open arms. Kevin McCarthy visited the southern border, and explained exactly what I'm saying. Criminals are taking advantage of America's open border. Actually, let's just call it what it is. America has no border, thanks to Biden.

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There's a simple reason why Democrats are welcoming all these illegals with open arms. They want to prevent any fair elections from happening. If millions of illegals get their citizenship, they'll mainly vote Democrat. Unfortunately, they don't know what Democratic policies cause. Any Democratic-run city is a prime example. Baltimore, Los Angeles, Detroit, are all more dangerous than El Salvador. The President told Tucker that the policies Democrats are pushing for is dangerous, not only for Americans but for the other countries and the citizens. I've discussed the horrors of what the journey is like for people coming to the border. Criminals, like human traffickers or smugglers, get hold of these families and put them in dangerous situations. Democrats claim to care, but really don't. They just want people they can fool into keeping them in power. Sound racist? It should, because it is.

If Democrats have their way, our American way of life is over. We cannot keep being so welcoming to others when we have our own problems to deal with. Families are struggling because of the pandemic. Democrats cannot open their schools because of Covid, but they voted against having illegals tested for Covid. Hypocrisy much? Their priorities are not Americans. And despite what is currently happening is Biden's fault, Democrats are still trying to blame Trump. Say what you want about him, but you didn't see stories of children "barely seeing the sun" last time I checked

You want to talk about who is America Last? You want to talk about who is hurting these migrant children? You want to talk about who is really locking kids in cages? Look no further than the Democrats. They are fully responsible for the crisis at the border, and no one is talking about it. Biden voters, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is what you voted for. You voted for children in cages. This is your fault. Remember that the next time you watch CNN or MSNBC or any other Leftist hack. Everything Democrats accused Trump of doing are guilty of committing these crimes themselves! There is a crisis at the border, and we have to focus on that. Democrats know this, but have no intention of solving it.

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