Conservative Must Stop Identity Politics Because It Doesn't Win Votes

In recent news, Caitlyn Jenner announced a bid for governor of California. Many in the conservative world praised Caitlyn, saying that California needs "new leadership." I found myself thinking about this, and I've come to the realization that Republicans (and many conservatives) are more concerned about identity politics than actually getting good candidates in office. Conservative identity politics do not win votes.

I've seen many so-called "conservatives" call out the left over their use of identity politics. These people will quote Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, and complain that MLK would be rolling in his grave over the left's use of identity politics. While we all know this is true, the conservative movement is guilty of the exact same thing. Look at who is representative of the conservative movement. Grifters and fakers. These people claimed to be for Donald Trump and his supporters. All these "conservatives" are praising Jenner for announcing a bid for governor. Where are these same conservatives on the patriots who are behind bars for trespassing? They care so much about going wherever the political wind pushes them that they have alienated and ignored their entire base

Conservatives and Republicans keep trying to please the politically correct crowd by showing how "diverse" we are. This type of behavior is accepted by the Left. We know they pander to those politically correct. Most conservatives I know don't believe in this politically correct message. Most are strong Christians who hold the same views I do. We don't like seeing people "uplifted" because of their skin color, gender, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We want to see people who will fight for us. The people being pushed by conservatives are grifters. 

I read an article from Red Eagle Politics titled "The Tides Are Turning: Even the Establishment Acknowledges the Realignment." The author noted a tweet from Charlie Kirk, where Charlie states that the Left's current cultural warfare is more dangerous than the "conservative boogeyman of socialism" and that we need to "rethink our priorities." Now that Trump isn't up there saying that socialism will never come to the U.S., Charlie is pushing a different messaging. Now Republicans are pushing the message of America First because they have no choice, as it's what resonates with American voters. Before, it was all about clickbait.

Personally speaking, as a Christian, I cannot openly support Caitlyn. I vote based on my faith and my beliefs. You guys know how I've stated what issues matters to me in voting for a person. Caitlyn could be the most prolife, anti-trafficking person out there, but I still could not support her run for office. It goes against everything I stand for. If I'm honest, I think more people are excited that a big name "celebrity" is running for office, rather than someone with integrity. Let's not forget Jenner got away with a hit and run. Caitlyn isn't a bad candidate because of being transgender; she's just a bad person. 

This isn't to hate on anyone in the LGBT movement. Caitlyn isn't the right person for the job, and that's my view. If I was living in California, and it came down between Newsom versus Jenner, I wouldn't vote. I do believe in the power of voting, but in this case, I could not see how one would be better than the other. Too many conservatives jump on board with another conservative without knowing their true intentions/beliefs. I'm not entirely sure what Caitlyn stands for. If anyone knows what Caitlyn's views are, in terms of Republican or conservative, leave a comment.

You may not like what I've said. That's fine with me. This is a post I held back from writing many times because many conservatives don't seem to like it when you mention this stuff. If conservatives want to get back voters, they need to stop this politically correct crap. It is not helping us win over voters. Trump was never politically correct. His messaging really hit Americans on all sides. Conservatives are slowly realizing what many deplatformed conservatives (i.e. Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Lauren Witzke, Paul Joseph Watson) were saying. Even Mahgdalen Rose has spoke out against the conservative movement for this. The politically correct mob will only give you a small percentage of votes. Don't base a movement on popularity. The people we should be targeting and supporting are the politically incorrect and normal Americans. You cannot bow to the politically correct mob, no matter what side they are coming from.

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