The Dark Truth of Gender Studies

My editor at The College Fix asked me to write an article about Matt Walsh's speech at UT-Austin. I was watching his video from Matt Walsh's speech at UT-Austin, where he focused on gender studies. During the speech, I found myself shocked, amazed, intrigued, and disgusted. All at the same time. Walsh really delved into the history of how these topics came about. Conservatives like myself believed this has only been happening for the last decade or two. In actuality, these ideologies have existed since the 50s and 60s. I thought I could share this with you because it seems like not many know about this, from both political standpoints.
Disclaimer: This article will have mentions of pedophilia and rape.

For those of you unfamiliar, the person responsible for theories in gender studies is Dr. John Money. Much of what is taught in schools about gender (e.g. sexual orientation, transgenderism, gender identity, gender roles) is thanks to this man. He created the belief that "gender is a social construct and is affected by environmental factors rather than biological factors." 

The same man who created a belief system for many social justice "warriors" also believed pedophilia was acceptable. You read that right. John Money believed that there was a difference between sadistic pedophilia and affectionate pedophilia. Money believed if a young child "really loved" a much older adult, it was consensual and not wrong. This love, he states, could become sexual since the child and adult "truly loved each other." Nauseated? I was too. Money believed the age of consent should be ended and advocated for children "in love" with adults to be with their love. The "father of modern gender studies" was a pedophile enthusiast.

Of course it isn't shocking to see that SJWs follow his logic, since there are many who believe children can be in a relationship with a grown person.

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Continuing, these beliefs only came to a head when the parents of twin boys, Bruce and Brian, approached Money after Bruce's circumcision went horribly wrong (his privates were burned off). Money gleefully took this chance to test his "theory," and told Bruce's parents to raise him as a girl and get reassignment surgery for him. Before Bruce was even two, he was forcefully turned into a girl. Growing up, however, Bruce developed as a boy and didn't act "girly." Money also had regular therapy sessions with the boys to observe them. During these "sessions," the boys were subjected to horrible things, such as looking at each others privates or performing sexual acts on each other. In one instance, there were nude photos taken. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Bruce said that Money would conduct his "therapy sessions" alone with the boys, or with "as many as six colleagues." 

Bruce, now a teenager, is confused about his identity. He's constantly told he is a girl, but doesn't act or feel like a girl. After having suicidal thoughts, Bruce's mother tells him the truth of his identity. Bruce decides to get reassignment surgery again, and changes his name to David. 

However, the damage Money did to the boys was already done. Both suffered mentally from the abuse they faced. Even though "David" (aka Bruce) got married and openly bashed Money for what he did, the damage was unfixable. Brian overdosed at the age of 36 on antidepressants. Two years after this, David drove to a grocery store and shot himself to death. There was a quote Matt made in his speech: "Their deaths will go down in history as suicides, but the reality is that they were murdered by Dr. John Money. The 'Father of Modern Gender Theory.'"

I know this was a dark truth to hear, but I just couldn't believe what I read and heard. This evil man corrupted and hurt these innocent boys, yet the left uses his theories and experiments as their (as Matt said) "gospel truth," and to critique their "truths" is "heresy." The fact these ideologies were rooted in evil, and continuously used today is astounding. I'd be willing to bet these SJWs don't even know where their ideologies were founded on. The social justice movement in literally rooted in evil and torture, and no one is discussing this. I truly felt compelled to share this, and I hope you learned something. The next time you hear someone using the argument of "gender is a social construct," mention Dr. John Money and see if they know who that is. More than likely they don't. Most SJWs just believe what they hear without doing an ounce of research.

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