Explaining The Lawsuits Against Pornhub

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Pornhub currently has numerous lawsuits against them for profiting off of "abuse, rape, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and more." 34 women are filing charges against the porn company for their complicity in allowing their abuse to be on their platform, as well as getting rich from their videos. I am currently writing about this because it's such a big deal, and I have been following this story closely. At this point, the only way to describe Pornhub is a trafficker's and pedophile's paradise.

Here are the details of the lawsuit, and I'm linking it in this article for you to read yourself because I'm not going to be able to discuss all of it. Plantiff Jane Doe #1 describes that, as a minor at the time, her trafficker entered into a monetary agreement with #1's abuser via Mindgeek's (Pornhub's parent company) website. He uploaded numerous videos of her being drugged and raped onto Pornhub.

"At no time did MindGeek or Pornhub attempt to verify Jane Doe #1’s identity, age, inquire about her status as a victim of trafficking, or otherwise protect or warn against her traffickers before or while the video of her being drugged and raped was sold, downloaded, viewed and otherwise advertised on Pornhub," stated in an article from EndSexualExploitation.

A second Jane Doe states that her trafficker forced her to do sexual videos, against her will. Just like Jane Doe #1, she was a minor during the time of her abuse. And again, like #1, nobody for Mindgeek nor Pornhub checked to ensure #2 was or wasn't underaged or abused. All the other plaintiffs have similar experiences.

In an interview with CBS News, "Isabella" (using a pseudonym) said her experience with Pornhub will "haunt her forever." Her boyfriend forced Isabella into making a nude video when she was 17. While in college, everyone say this video. Again, Pornhub never checked to make sure this video was consensual or that Isabella was of age.

Pornhub and Mindgeek have made a company that profits mainly from rape and nonconsensual content. They are racist pedophiles. Laila Mickelwait has shared numerous posts from Pornhub's site of certain words that are found on their site. There are very derogatory terms used to describe minorities on these platforms, and how they describe minors on these is just disgusting.

And in a twist of irony, one victim has ties to serial rapist and pedophile, Jeffery Epstein. As if things couldn't get worse, you hear this. According to a Business Insider article, "At least seven videos of her were uploaded to Pornhub, according to the lawsuit." I have so many things I want to really say, but for the sake of professionalism I won't. You cannot make any of this story up.

I don't understand how anyone can defend Pornhub. Laila shared on her social media this DM, and I'm just sickened by what I read. But I guess it's the same way people still respect or like and defend Chrissy Teigen, despite all that's come out. I also included a video from Laila's Instagram of one of Pornhub's brand ambassadors, Asa Akira. You'll be both disgusted but not shocked by what you hear.

The good news is that these companies are getting proper backlash. Visa and Mastercard are dropping their affiliation with Pornhub, which led to Pornhub deleting millions of non-verified users. Again, it's all about the money. Not supporting the victims, not fixing their obvious issues. No, it's about making money. But then again, companies like Visa aren't so lucky. Visa is also being sued by sex trafficking victims like Pornhub.

The plaintiffs' hope for the outcome would be that Mindgeek and Pornhub are held accountable for their actions. It is more than abundantly clear that these two companies profitted off of child rape, child sex trafficking and abuse. Despite the so-called "protective measures" Pornhub recently put in place, it isn't enough. I've also made it clear that they need to be shut down, and it needs to be done. Big companies like Pornhub, Facebook, and others must be held accountable. Shut it down.

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