Retalk: Discussion Board For The Non-Woke (Review)

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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Andor Nagl, one of the founders of a company called Retalk. I normally don't do something like this, but I thought this could be an intriguing idea to do. I wanted to share about this company, as I spoke with Andor about his company. This is a review on the company, and if I recommend joining it.

I asked Mr. Nagl about how he and the other founders came to create Retalk. What the inspiration was behind the company's founding. He stated that Retalk began in January, to combat (what he described) "the increasing left-wing lean of silicon valley companies." He states that the main founder of Retalk, Peter Zaborszky, was born in Hungary but grew up in the UK. Peter understands, according to Nagl, the issues going on "in terms of wokeness in both UK and US politics," but he also understood the "destructive effect communism can have on a country, having lived in Soviet occupied Hungary as well."

Andor continued to say, "We wanted to create a platform that is civil, and moderated, so isn't overrun by extremists, but makes sure that the moderation isn't far-left wing like Silicon Valley companies."

I decided to check out the website, to see for myself what happens on the platform. You can also download their app. There's certainly interesting dialogue on the platform. You can essentially post whatever you want. There's no censorship. I feel like it's a Facebook group, but without the "fact-checkers" breathing down your neck. 

It seems like a fun website. There's different communities you can look at to see what people are discussing. There's one for movies, funny memes, Covid-19, and more. It's essentially like Facebook but with no censorship. You can look at which communities you'd be interested in joining, or create your own community for topics that interest you. So for instance, if I wanted to create a group related to anti-trafficking content or a #FreeBritneySpears group, you can do that on Retalk! It's just like creating your own Facebook group about any topics that matter to you. And from what I've seen, it's very simple to figure out!

You can post about what's happening in current events or anything that matters to you. For instance, you could share an excerpt from Young Patriot Rising, then post the rest of the link. Just an idea!😉

It's good to support websites like this one. With all that's happening on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, we don't know if or when we will be booted off. I'm not for thinktanks, because that's basically what Silicon Valley is. This website looks like they welcome all discourse, no matter the political ideology. That's what we need more of. 

You can click the link at the end of this article to sign up. It's pretty simple! Check me out on there @YoungPatriotRising!

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