Trump vs DeSantis: Who Would Be The Better Candidate?

This was a question I got asked on my Instagram story, when I told my followers to ask me anything political. I've noticed it's dividing the current GOP base. From what I can see, many support former President Trump and wish to see him run again in 2024. He's made numerous suggestions that this may become reality. On the other hand, there are many who consider Trump a failure and think he is doing more damage than good, thus supporting DeSantis who has overcome many odds. I thought I could tackle who I think would be the better candidate in 2024, should it be between the two.

Donald Trump began a movement that changed the look of the Republican party. No longer were we considered the party of "rich old white men" but the party of blue collar workers. Trump created policies that were truly astounding. His weakness was who he put in charge of his campaign or administration. He chose people based on loyalty alone, not loyalty AND skill. 

DeSantis, on the other hand, has many of Trump's positive traits without the negative baggage.

Vince Dao shared this on Instagram, and I agree: "Ron DeSantis' main legacy has not been one of 'small government.' The reason he's so accomplished and liked by conservatives is precisely because he's been extremely good at using the government effectively to achieve conservative goals."

DeSantis focuses on Florida and helping the state. I also appreciate how he's willing to put partisanship aside to help the state, as we've seen with the cooperation between Biden and DeSantis.

One weakness I do foresee in DeSantis is how "close" he is with Israel. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in standing with Israel. Just not to the extent many on the Right do. We should be America First. DeSantis recently signed an anti-Semitism law, which some conservatives are concerned crosses the line into anti-free speech. Not to mention he supported red flag laws, which is a MAJOR turn off for most conservatives or Republicans. I haven't seen him speak on this recently, so hopefully he dropped this ideology. This doesn't take away from his popularity, as the polls have shown. 

Not to mention there's more bipartisanship support to DeSantis than Trump ever had. A reporter from the Washington Post purposely lied about FEMA in regard to the Surfside building collapse, and many on the Left came to DeSantis' defense. Even how DeSantis is on the grounds, ensuring the rescuers are getting any help they need, will really stand out. 

From everything I have read, DeSantis is not considering a run for 2024. He's only focused on winning his reelection in 2022. Speaking selfishly, I'd rather him stay governor of Florida for another 4 years before he goes for President. He's doing amazing work here. 

As for Trump, I'm not sure if he could be the nominee. After his disastrous run in 2020, I worry the same could happen. If he does that, I probably wouldn't vote for him. It'd be for nothing. DeSantis would have a better chance. Now, if Trump runs his campaign like in 2016, I believe he'd come out on top. I will admit that before Trump's rally in Sarasota, I had really given up on his potential 2024 run. Trump finally called out the jailing of the protesters on January 6th, and asked the question we've all been asking: "Who shot Ashli Babbitt?" This was something many in Trump's fan base felt disappointed about. Whoever got Trump to talk about this should be given an award. This reinvigorated his fanbase, and potentially gave him an upper hand. Not to mention the lawsuit he's bringing against Google, Facebook and Twitter is amazing (although he could've done this when he was President). 

I will note, however, that 2022 is approaching us and we need to make sure we have good representatives in office.

If it came down between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, I'd have to support DeSantis. I do like Trump, but I feel DeSantis could have a stronger chance of winning, due to the support he has, his likeness, and record of accomplishment. Not to mention (especially if you kept up with this blog), I have more respect and admiration for DeSantis over Trump. Again, I don't see that DeSantis intends to run for President. He seems content in Florida. I'd love to see him run, but later in the future. I do think Trump now has a shot, but he needs to do what he did in 2016.

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