What Is Happening in Afghanistan...

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I know everyone has seen what the current situation is in Afghanistan. President Biden made the executive decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan. After this decision was completed, the Taliban seized this opportunity to take over the country. The government has been overrun by the Taliban. What is happening there is horrendous but there is more to this story than meets the eye, and I hope to cover it all.

The Taliban is already committing horrible acts. They bided their time, and found the perfect opportunity to strike. The spokesperson for the Taliban has already stated that the women and children will love Sharia Law. For those unaware of what Sharia Law is, I'd recommend doing some research. Feminists and Muslim Democrats love to praise Sharia Law. Any article you read regarding what Sharia Law is describes the concept as equality and fair. It's all lies. Under Sharia Law, if you are gay you are killed. Women do NOT have the same rights as men. In fact, I believe the testimony of a woman is considered half truth, whereas a man's testimony is considered to be fully true. Feminists, wherefore art thou?

The Taliban is currently going to the homes of young girls and forcing them to marry to be sex slaves for the Taliban. Some of these girls are as young as 12. Boys are treated just as badly. They are treated as sex slaves and get punished for reporting the crime.

Many Afghans are trying to flee the country or have given up and expect death to knock on their door. Numerous American soldiers are trapped in the country. We've all seen the horrendous videos of Afghans jumping on the planes leaving and plummeting to their deaths. 

What was Biden's response? "It's Donald Trump's fault." It really must be nice to be a Democrat. You can blame Trump for all your mistakes, and your party will eat it up like the mindless sheep they are.

Joe Biden is completely at fault for this. He was 100% correct in pulling out soldiers from that war-riddled country. What has staying there for about 20 years done for America except kill thousands of our men and women? His execution of removing troops is what has caused the situation to reach the point it has reached. For gosh sake, he left the country all the weapons. The Taliban has access to millions of dollars worth of weapons. Millions of dollars that came out of (you guessed it!) taxpayers' money. He also chose to HALT Trump's rescue plan to avoid anything similar to Benghazi. 

Biden voters, I have something to say to you. Was it worth it? Was it worth all for some mean tweets? You uneducated morons have as much blood on your hands as Joe Biden. You willingly chose to believe and "ride with Biden." 

Oh! Another thing to the feminidiots who support Biden. You notice who wasn't on the plane that rescued Afghans? Women or children. That's right! The President so woke about being all about women and children... didn't rescue women or children. At this point, I am led to believe that this wasn't about helping Afghans or bringing our troops home. This was about shipping in more voters and more replacement workers.

Now, this does bring up the question of should Biden have brought our troops home. I've seen it go both ways. I think he was right about bringing our troops home. But now, we've got neo-cons like Dan Crenshaw (who you'd think would be glad our troops came home) saying we should have stayed. Why??? There was no legitimate reason. I see many saying we should ship as many here to help them escape. Remember 2015 when Obama did that? See the similarity?? When Trump was President, this wasn't an issue. We cannot be the world's police. Especially not when America is crumbling. The restaurant industry is collapsing, as well as the apartment complex business. Schools are struggling, the border is out of control, and we still haven't come out of the pandemic. If we are struggling, how can we help anyone else? We have to support America First. And we need to bring Americans home now.

I truly pray that the people survive. I hope the trapped Americans escape. I pray for the Christians getting martyred for their faith. Despite what you think or the political views you have, the situation in Afghanistan is horrible. Reading the stories are soul-crushing. At least one Republican is filing articles of impeachment: Marjorie Taylor Greene. Democrats pulled out impeachment on Trump for a phone call, but nobody can do it for the crisis Biden has once again caused? There's only one thing you need to take away from all of this, if nothing else. This is the fault of Joe Biden and his administration, and he either needs to resign or be impeached

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