Illegal Immigration, Not Anti-Immigration

Illegal Immigration. In American politics, it's one of the biggest issues argued against/for. "Build the wall!" "Let the dreamers in!" You get the idea. Everyone has their own opinion about illegal immigration, and what's going on at the border. This is not a political issue, this is a humanitarian issue. Both sides cannot come to an agreement on what is best for the American people. While I believe what's going on at the border is horrible, I'm going to tell you why LEGAL immigration is the TRUE way to go. The title of this article is not meant to TELL you how to think, as Democrats have tried with myself and other conservatives my age, but to get the gears in your mind turning. If you've gotten this far, then don't stop now. All I hope is that you positively learn something new.

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While I think everyone knows about illegal versus legal immigration, the two tend to be conflated, especially by the Left. So what's the difference? Legal immigration is just that: being here LEGALLY. Immigrating legally means you have legal permission to be in the United States; you have your Visa, your green card, and legal documentation to live here. Illegal immigration (as I'm sure you've guessed) is when you're here ILLEGALLY. You have no legal documentation to live here. You are not a citizen of the United States. If you say, "So what, that's not that big a difference!" Then what's the difference between legally owning a gun or illegally owning a gun? Or the difference between legally having someone at your house versus illegally having someone at your house (e.g. kidnapping, hostage situation)? One is legal, the other is not. The same goes for legal immigration and illegal immigration.

These two are being conflated into one term: immigration. According to many Leftist politicians, there is no difference between coming here legally and coming here illegally. Even for many Republicans, they confuse the two as well, just not as purposefully as Democrats. Many people have complained about this on Twitter. Those who waited their time to come here, took all the necessary precautions to become a US citizen are angry that these politicians want to give illegals a free pass, when so many of them waited their turn. They aren't upset because they had to wait, but that anyone who wants to come here illegally should be able to. They don't like being associated with illegals, or calling both illegal/legal immigration JUST immigration, because being illegal means being illegal. For those who came legally, its insulting to consider them equal to illegals, because they aren't here illegally. AOC is one of these special cases who conflate legal and illegal immigration.

For those of you who might not know, AOC compared the detention centers of illegal immigrants to concentration camps. She also stated, "Never Again," a direct comment to the Holocaust. She is not fit to serve in Congress. How dare she say what happened in Nazi Germany is equivalent to what is happening at the border? Are these immigrants starving to death, never getting food or water? Are they being beaten for hours on end? Are they being forced to physical and brutal labor? NO! Unlike the detention centers, the concentration camps were literal hell. Watch this video by TPUSA with two Holocaust survivors, condemning AOC for trying to compare what THEY WENT THROUGH to what is happening at the border:  (and of course YouTube has it covered as "sensitive," because they don't acknowledge truth either). What AOC has ignorantly and inconsideratly done is insult every victim of the Holocaust by comparing what is going on at the border to the torture and hell they endured. She declined visiting a REAL concentration camp because she doesn't care about history or the truth. She only cares about spreading lies and hurting anyone, so long it doesn't affect her. Then there was the whole joke of her "crying her eyes out" at the detention centers. Turns out, she was only crying her eyes out at an empty parking lot! The only way Leftists can win/get sympathy is by faking it. Apparently, she thinks the American people are idiots to not see the lies she and her party tells. She's a joke, and needs to be impeached!
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Everyone is blaming Donald Trump for what is happening at the border, and how inhumane it is. Yes, the stories are incredibly sad. Seeing that picture of the father and daughter who drowned broke my heart. But you know what? Donald Trump did not start this! He only continued what Barack Obama did. That's right! Obama was doing this same very thing of "locking kids up in cages." During the Obama administration, an Immigration Reform Bill was passed that ensured immigrants who wanted to come to the US would have to wait their turn and pass all requirements. This is the link from Wall Street Journal: Obama's views on immigration was a leading factor to him being elected. This image of this quote came from Snopes, who said it was true that the former President was against illegal immigration (see quote above). The Democrats did not care AT ALL when he did/said this, but when Trump does, then they care? Democrats will only use a group of people to get a one-up then they are done with them. Obama placed more people in cages than George W. Bush did, and George W. Bush placed more people in cages than Bill Clinton did! Clinton was highly against illegal immigration. The quote I provided below, I very much agree with! Illegals are costing taxpayers' money, while also saying "Screw you" to those who waited their turn to come here LEGALLY and are living the American dream, and contributing to the economy. So this never started with Donald Trump. Fake news and lying politicians, however, lie and say otherwise because they want to be back in power.
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Here is my other issue with illegal immigration: the Democrats seem to care about them more than the American people. Instead of fighting homelessness and the increasingly high numbers, California Democrats choose to fight for illegal immigrants more. Instead of helping veterans, they are more persistent to help illegals. In the Democratic Debate (aka a huge joke), when asked if they would help illegal immigrants, everyone raised their hands. Wow. This just proves where the Democrats' loyalties lie: not with Americans. Of all the homicides that occur, at least a third are from illegal immigrants. Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts was killed by an illegal immigrant. Police officer Ronil Singh was killed by an illegal immigrant. California resident Kathryn Steinle died in her father's arms after being shot by an illegal immigrant while walking on a boardwalk with her father. He was acquitted of the murder. President Trump honored two families whose daughters were murdered by illegal aliens. There are so many other stories like these. Tragic and terrible. Democrats have done nothing to fix this issue. They don't want to save America from terrorists, murderers, or rapists. Because it's whatever gives them the most votes. If murderers or rapists are the solution, then by God, that is the solution. Democrats cannot win in 2020. Everyone is complaining about children being ripped apart from their parents (which is tragic and sad), yet you don't hear an uproar of anger or sadness for the families ripped apart from their loved ones, like the individuals I mentioned, from illegal immigrants.

Another group I find important to mention is ICE. Some people love them, some people hate them. This is my take. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are just like law enforcement. All they are trying to do is protect the American people. Some of them treat people badly, and there are a few bad stories involving ICE which I don't support, but at the end of the day, most individuals in ICE are keeping illegals out because they are trying to keep the American people safe. Will Witt spoke at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and asked some students and professors their take on ICE and climate change, here is the link if you're interested: Some support ICE, while some (ignorantly) hate ICE. Many people, including college students and Leftist politicians, want to abolish ICE because of how "terrible" they are. Let's see if I got this right: people protecting our borders and protecting Americans by removing murderers, rapists, or drug cartels, need to be removed? Then we might as well abolish law enforcement, the military, and anyone else who protects the American people! Everyone needs to learn to appreciate ICE, and the struggles they experience day-to-day, because unless you live it, you don't know what is really happening. Don't believe the lies Democrats say is happening at the border. Thank you to all of those who work in ICE.

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Something else that bothers me, and I see this on Twitter ALL THE TIME, is how pro-life gets involved in this. Many pro-choice/Democrats say, "If you are against abortion, you're automatically for what is happening at the border!" Um, what? How does that make any sense? If you think life begins at conception, somehow you support children being separated from their families because their mother didn't abort them? What I don't understand is how people have an issue with children being separated from their families when they don't care a baby is LITERALLY ripped apart from their parents. See the hypocrisy? And an FYI, many children at the border are not with biological family members. Many are with pedophiles who are using children to get across the border. Anna Paulina shared an article of a 10 year old girl, 10 YEARS OLD, having 20 different types of semen in her. The man she was found with was not her biological family member. Utterly disgusting. This is why we need to build the wall. To keep children from getting into the wrong hands. I assume most people who are pro-choice or pro-life HATE what is happening at the border. Nobody likes seeing how these children are treated. Every conservative I know say politicians need to stop the back-and-forth and come to a solution already! Anyone who supports the issues at the border or says "who cares," doesn't have my support, regardless if they're a Republican or pro-life. Every life matters. That's what it comes down to. Just because I'm pro-life doesn't mean I like what I'm seeing what happens each day at the border. This is to all the Lefties/pro-choice who keep repeating this "mantra."

I have my own story with illegal immigration and legal immigration. My mother came to the United States with her parents legally. My dad came to the U.S. illegally. When looking at legal versus illegal immigration, I always say I'm for legal immigration. Looking at how much money is given/would be given to illegal immigrants over veterans and the American people overall is atrocious. There is nothing wrong with legal immigration. This is much safer and more effective than what is going on today. I believe everyone should have the chance of the American dream! But I believe in fairness. You have to wait your turn just like every other legal immigrant. No other country allows someone in their country illegally. And those that do are paying the price for it. Look at Germany, France, England and other countries who are FOR open borders. Illegal immigration cannot keep happening. This is something both Democrats and Republicans need to realize. Moreover, the Democrats need to stop pushing back the American people and start working with President Trump (although I am hoping for too much). This is my view on illegal immigration. Come here LEGALLY and live the American dream!

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  1. Don't worry. I'll see if it will post on my YouTube and let you know. (With my tiny channel, it's better to get a dozen fresh views than nothing.) As the grandchild of immigrants, I hear you. I don't blame people Mexicans, Hondurans, etc., for trying to make a better life.

    Slash funding to ridiculous things like giving predators their own en suite showers in prison, and perhaps we can fund more LEGAL immigration.


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