As promised, here it is! For months, every American was keeping up with the Epstein story. First, you hear Epstein was busted with the pedophilia ring at his private island. Next, you hear he "tried" to commit suicide. Finally, you hear he's dead. Republicans and Democrats could both agree that none of this made sense. The man was on suicide watch. He had no tools in his cell to kill himself with, yet somehow, he committed suicide. Let's get one thing clear, I am glad this evil man is gone. Hell has a special place for him. BUT there is still the mystery of how he died. If anyone knows me, they know I am a HUGE true crime/serial killer fan. This stuff really interests me. I hope you guys like the memes I made!

Now, don't get me wrong: I am not one for spreading conspiracy theories. But isn't it ironic that a man who ran a pedophile ring, that attracted many powerful people (especially in politics), was suddenly found dead? Most people with common sense know it's murder. Jeff's brother hired a medical examiner, and the examiner said that Epstein couldn't have killed himself; it had to be murder. There are signs that show a person is suicidal, but these weren't present in Epstein. Everyone who was around Epstein said he was normal. Then one night, the guards suddenly weren't at their posts, and the cameras suddenly weren't working. This isn't a coincidence. Recently, two of the guards assigned with Epstein in his jail cell were found napping on the job or perusing the internet, as well as breaking laws.

Someone explain to me how can someone commit suicide while on 24/7 suicide watch? When you're on suicide watch, you have nothing to kill yourself with. You may have a mattress that can't be torn, a thick blanket that also cannot be torn, and in some cases, are only allowed to wear a hospital gown. Suicide watch rooms are designed so you cannot hang yourself. If all of these are present, how was Epstein able to hang himself? He wasn't! All the evidence saying he committed suicide points more to someone murdered Epstein. The bone broken in his neck, the hyoid bone, is usually broken from strangulation, not hanging. It's more common to break the hyoid bone that way. As I said earlier, the medical examiner said that it wasn't suicide that killed Epstein.

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Epstein had powerful connections. Some of these connections included the Clintons, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew, Alexander Acosta, Bill Gates, and many more. Some will say, "Donald Trump was a friend of Epstein too!" I've never found an article to say whether or not Trump traveled with Epstein. What I did find was he traveled with Bill Clinton (shocker), Kevin Spacey, and others to his island. Epstein had a picture of Bill Clinton in a blue dress on his wall. Creepy! How come the media isn't shoving Bill Clinton in the spotlight for being best friends with Jeff Epstein? I'll get to that soon. I'm sure anyone with common sense knows if anyone has dirt against the Clintons, they "mysteriously" disappear. Remember #ClintonBodyCount? Seth Rice and Vince Foster are two prime examples of people who have been "Hillary'd." These are not strange coincidences. I just hope the mafia (aka the Clintons and their affiliations) are caught and placed behind bars. Too long have they gotten away with their corruption.

Look at Project Veritas' recent video about ABC News. Explain to me why ABC News CHOSE to not air an interview of a woman who had been victimized by Epstein. Amy Robach said in the video that she had pictures, videos, and other evidence to incriminate Epstein THREE YEARS AGO. She said she would have gotten the Clintons busted. Robach said when she heard Epstein tried to kill himself, but failed, she knew it was a lie. A prisoner strangled him. ABC News took down the story because the Royal Family threatened them. Isn't the truth more important than a lawsuit? What's ironic is this. What was happening 3 years ago? The 2016 election. Who was the front-runner for the Democrats? Hillary Clinton. If ABC published the story with all the evidence (photos, interviews, videos) that clearly incriminates Hillary Clinton, the election would really go to Donald Trump. This just proves what conservatives, like me, have been saying. The Left will do anything, including silence rape victims, to ensure Donald Trump loses. Robach said it took everything in getting Epstein's victim to talk, but it happened. ABC chose to silence an actual rape victim. Where's #MeToo on this? The media is hellbent on lying to cover up the truth on the Left.

Epstein didn’t kill himself. I remember talking with this guy at UF who ended our conversation with, "Epstein didn't kill himself." The memes are hilarious, but it's true. Too many powerful people were going to be exposed by Epstein's testimony. Everyone who knew Epstein said he didn't show any signs of being suicidal. He had nothing to hang himself except toilet paper! At the end of the day, there is someone or there are people who are covering up an ugly lie, and it's tied in with the Clintons and the Democratic party. We can't let people forget about this situation. Keep sharing the memes and the truth! Americans know Epstein didn't kill himself. What Americans want to know is who killed him and why. Will we ever know the truth? Only time will tell.

Heads up! Next week's blog post will be about something that's been happening for the last three years. Stay tuned! What did you think of this week's discussion? Comment down below!

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  1. You and I are kindred spirits when it comes to true crime. I've read tons of true crime books, and I love true crime TV shows. ~~~ The Clinton Cartel killed Epstein. So add him to the LONG list along with Seth Rich and the others. That's not a conspiracy. Those are facts, despite what the Resistance media says. That said, I don't care that Epstein is dead. ~~~ Also, notice that Amy Robach didn't mention Trump? That's because Trump is not a rapist like Bill Clinton is. When President Trump says he's innocent concerning Epstein, he's telling the truth. Yes, he's fooled around on his wives in the past, but he's not involved with Epstein, and he's not a rapist.


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