Impeachment Hoax

“Zero evidence that any law was broken. They’re not even alleging that a law was broken. This is an abuse of the Constitution.” -Ted Cruz. We’ve been hearing this like clockwork. Impeachment is a joke with the Democrats. They are using impeachment to make Americans forget that the election is coming up. From the day after Donald Trump was sworn in, the Democrats have been pushing impeachment. "Donald Trump is dangerous! Impeachment!" America, wake up to what Democrats are doing. This impeachment fraud is being used to divide America because Democrats are powerless against Trump. They hate that. According to Oliver North, “history is repeating itself,” from the time when Ronald Reagan "should be" impeached to today’s current situation.

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office, the Democrats have been pushing impeachment. First was Russia, then Ukraine, and back to Russia. The Mueller Report showed no collusion, the Ukraine transcripts showed no quid pro quo. Now we’ve got this whistleblower, who spoke with Schiff’s aides before coming out with his complaint! He contacted the committee of “possible wrongdoing.” There’s no solid evidence that the President should be impeached. Why hasn’t the whistleblower spoken at these hearings? The Democrats are lying about what is happening. Everyone knows Joe and Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine was illegal, yet that’s not even being investigated! Joe Biden paid Ukraine $1,000,000 to drop an investigation on his son. That's illegal, yet Trump asking a world leader about this deserves impeachment? Why hasn't anyone mentioned that? Bill Maher said it best, “If Don Jr. did it, it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about.”

Since when did the Democrats start caring about the Constitution? Isn’t it a worn-out document?! These people reference the Constitution when it's useful, yet attack it when they want things their way (i.e. free speech, gun rights). The Democrats still have no issue attacking someone’s child, as Pamela Karlan attacked Barron Trump. Matt Gaetz put this scholar in her place. In the Democrats’ eyes, attacking Barron Trump, a thirteen-year-old who doesn’t attention, is acceptable. Attacking Hunter Biden Greta Thumberg, or David Hogg is so bad! Then that “apology” from Karlan. Huffington Post said, “she called out what many consider Trump’s main fault, not taking responsibility.” Isn’t it ironic they say this is Trump’s main fault, yet perfectly ignore Pamela not taking responsibility by deflecting her apology by insulting Trump?
President Trump said it best: “this is a witch hunt.” Democrats don’t care about wasting millions of taxpayers’ money. If Democrats cared about America, why don’t they focus on fixing schools, helping veterans, dealing with homelessness, or other issues facing America? This Presidency proves who the Democrats are: anti-America. One said the only way to beat Trump is not through the 2020 election, but through impeachment. If this doesn’t say witch hunt, I don’t know what will. The Establishment would rather turn Americans against each other than try to improve the country. The media, as we know, doesn't care about truth. The media only do what helps Democrats.

The Resistance wants to change what happened in 2016. These people are living in denial of what happened, and want to rewrite history. If you think you can change 60+ million American votes, you are on a power trip. The sole purpose of the Resistance is to remove Donald Trump from office. If she really cared about bringing the country together, she would stop this insanity and sign this bill. The Democratic party doesn't belong to Nancy Pelosi anymore. It belongs to the Squad. They're her masters. At least Pelosi agreed to the USMCA bill President Trump was pushing, which would bring 170,000 jobs back to America, although in the beginning, she refused.

I’m going to explain how the impeachment process works. If a majority of the House agrees to impeach the President, then it goes up to Senate for a trial. The Senate needs a two-thirds vote to convict the President. That’s it. What are impeachable offenses? Article II Executive Board: Section 4. “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Donald Trump has not committed any of these. Here’s what Democrats don’t realize: the trial in the Senate is the real deal. First, Republicans hold majority of the Senate, so they'd probably lose. Secondly, and more importantly, everything that the Democrats and media has covered up will be exposed. Donald Trump will reveal all his information, and will be scot-free. The Democrats won’t be able to cover the lies and crimes they’ve hidden from Americans, and not only will Donald Trump walk out the winner, the Democratic party is done for. 

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These impeachment hearings can seem worrisome, but there’s nothing to fear. Nancy saying the House will draft the articles (they've got two on his "abuse of power") to send to Senate, Democrats won’t have a chance in the Senate. The Establishment doesn’t like how Donald Trump is interrupting their norm (having power and doing nothing). They want to change that. Trump has not broken any laws. I'm happy to see Republicans like Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan standing up to the Resistance. A guest (not remembering their name) on Hannity said it best: “The people accusing Donald Trump of abusing his power are guilty of doing that same thing.” The Democrats are abusing the power with this coup, and we can’t let them win. Keep spreading the truth! If impeachment is the Establishments’ best chance of defeating Pres. Trump, they're in for a rude awakening come 2020!

Update: So the House decided to impeach Trump (with no evidence to commit this action and no bipartisan vote). Pelosi didn't send this the articles to Senate. So Trump isn't impeached, and he's still your President!

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  1. The Resistance, with people like "the Squad," and people like Swalwell, Nadler, and Schiff, have taken over the Democratic party, a party that used to be reasonable. Speaker Pelosi was not strong enough to keep them at bay. However, it all started when Obama was elected. He got the ball rolling. ~~ Yes, this will die in the Senate; President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, and we will keep the Senate. It will be difficult for us to take back the House, but under President Trump, it's not impossible. After President Trump wins in 2020, The Resistance will continue to resist. These are people desperate to hold power and these are people who are sick with Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome. They may stop resisting after Trump is out of the office, or they may not. In any case, this is where we are.

    1. Agreed. I always see this meme showing John F. Kennedy and AOC (I think her), where it says something to the effect of, "If Kennedy was alive, he would be considered a conservative, whereas AOC would be considered a radical." The Democrats became power-crazed after Kennedy was killed. I also think Trump will win re-election. I hope they would stop after 2020 with this insanity, but I'm not hopeful in that sense.

  2. I agree with the conclusion but disagree with how you got there. There are more pressing needs than a drawn-out, taxpayer-funded impeachment.

    The Bidens should be investigated.

  3. I did say that. "If Democrats cared about America, why don’t they focus on fixing schools, helping veterans, dealing with homelessness, or other issues facing America?" I do think there are more important issues than this phony impeachment case. And I highly agree the Bidens should be investigated. Why hasn't that been the focus is beyond me.

  4. Every second these Democratice losers spend on impeachment, is a second not spent on voting Trump out or spent on their reelections

    1. They're handing us reelection with this witch hunt. More Americans are seeing this hoax, and not supporting it


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