Stop Normalizing The Sexualization of Children

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In recent news, a Milwaukee circuit judge, who also worked to have drag queen story time, was caught with child pornography. This is yet another story of how American society is attempting to normalize the sexualization of children. Nobody is talking about this. Having a grown man (dressed like a woman) reading to six-year-olds is sickening. These perverts are getting hard at the fact they've got children surrounding them. The parents are also complicit. We need to stop normalizing the sexualization of children. This article will contain discussions of pedophilia and human trafficking

There's been an increase in certain industries to normalize the sexualization of children. Forget Cuties, we all remember that story. I remembered one movie being guilty of what Cuties did, and that was Good Boys, featuring Seth Rogen. The movie focused on the sexualization of children and their innocence, like in one scene, the boys (all of the age of 12 I believe), playing on a sex swing but didn't know it was a sex swing. It's supposed to be funny, but nothing about it should be perceived as "funny." The whole debate of Cardi B's WAP? "It's for adults" Cardi says. If you go on Tik Tok or Reels, you'll see young girls gyrating to this song, where grown men can get turned on by this, while these girls have no idea the danger they're putting themselves in.

There's a reason the child pageant industry gets so much criticism. Why does a 5-year-old need to dress like a model? Children watch television for many hours in the day. Most commercials have some form of "sexiness" or "hotness," from adult actors or teenage actors. Children are developing, and being exposed to stuff like this will only hurt them mentally. Boys will have a negative view of women, and girls will have a negative view of how to behave relationally and their view of looks will be more important. In women's history month, why don't we have more discussion about how industries like porn and Hollywood do NOT elevate women? Instead, they seemingly normalize hurting women and even children.

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People didn't realize the impact of phrases like "love has no age limit" until recent history. Now, there are certain people (who should really be getting mental help for believing this) that think it is morally acceptable to say a thirteen year old can have a relationship with a legal adult. What happened with Zoe LaVerne or Desmond the Amazing should be enough proof. Imagine this: Russia is going to ban Twitter until they correct their child porn problem. Russia is doing this. This says a lot about Russia and the United States. Our government is protecting companies that engage in child porn and abuse. It’s not surprising though. Look at how things are going with Ghislaine Maxwell, it should say enough! Obviously, Russia is bad news. They are founded in Communism. However, America is supposed to be founded on godly values. Instead, we are becoming a nation of accepting pedophilia and no one is focusing on this. America will crash and burn because of this normalization of sexualization of children.

What people don't realize (or choose to ignore) is that these actions put children in danger. Pedophiles eat up this content, and child sex traffickers take advantage. How Americans are normalizing pedophilia through actions like California's SB-145 is perfect for creeps to have sex with minors. Why are people okay with hurting our nation's children? It's awful. Exploitation of children shouldn't be encouraged, but the Left is okay with this. There's not enough discussion about this. In a Focus For Health article, they stated the following: "Predators are willing to pay large sums of money and travel great distances to rape children. Realizing that they were losing market opportunities from sexual tourism, U.S. traffickers beefed up supply in the U.S." The article continues to explain that "Traffickers know that if children are dressed as provocative sexual objects, it is easier to assume they are willing participants. Most men who purchase sex from minors do not consider themselves rapists." Sound atrocious? It should, but this is what Democrats are encouraging. If you disagree, you're a far-right nutjob. That's what they said about the critics of Cuties, remember?

Look at what is currently happening with the Turn Around Ranch being sued for sexually assaulting and abusing the children there. Bhad Bhabie (aka "Cash Me Outside" girl) did a video on her YouTube channel discussing her horrid experience. This is what happens if you normalize the sexualization of children. They get hurt, mentally and physically. 

We cannot keep this up. I kid you not, I cannot hear the simplest joke about children without getting disgusted. I remember watching a segment with Jimmy Kimmel and the Handsome Men's Club where he said he has "the supple breasts of a 14 year old girl" and I told my sister "Why would he say 14-year-old girl specifically?" American society has sexualized everything, and now it is going after our children. This must be discouraged and shamed. Liberal parents who allow their children to be around pedophiles should be arrested. They are allowing their kids to be victims of horrible crimes. I will not move on this stance. If we continue to be silent on this issue, things will get much worse than drag queen story time. Pedophilia and human trafficking will become the norm.

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