Biden Administration Flying Migrants In Without Local Government Knowing

Something you didn't see the media talk about (shocker!) is how Tennessee lawmakers, as well as many other lawmakers, are demanding answers as to why the Biden administration are flying illegal immigrants into their states without informing local government officials. This should scare everyone. We are always talking about human trafficking, although that's not often spoken about enough, but now this is happening. And no one is even bringing it up! It's just astonishing. This was written on a whim, so bear with me, but I HAD to share this with you. Follow Informed With Anthony to see more about this issue, as he's the reason I learned about this. 

I've written about how serious the trafficking situation is at the border, but at least under Trump, it was under control. Thanks to the open border idiotic supporters (aka Biden voters), now the southern border is a MAJOR crisis. Because many Republican led states aren't taking this crap, now Biden is forcing his way to happen. This has such serious repercussions. Not only is the government lying to Americans and local government, but they're actually making human trafficking seem excusable. This is not a joke. The Biden administration is trafficking humans.

I'm so fed up having to say this time and time again, but the media is such a joke in reporting human trafficking. Specifically, the human trafficking at the border. It's not racist or xenophobic to say there are evil scumbags that see other humans as dispensable, and use those humans to their will to make a profit. Children are especially hurt by this. And because of Biden, these children are getting more hurt. I've shared before of how children are completely packed to the gills in these migrant facilities, some saying they hadn't seen the sun in days or only get to shower once a week. What the Biden administration has caused isn't a race or illegal immigrant issue alone, it's a humanitarian issue. And what's our Vice President doing about this? Calling it a climate change issue. If "climate change" is another way of saying it's the Democrats' fault, then she's absolutely correct!!

Everyone be aware of these cases like in Tennessee. This is NOT to be taken lightly. What is happening to our country is seriously bad, and it will only become worse. Make sure you work to get Republicans elected where you live, or what Biden is doing will worsen.

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