Is Elise Stefanik The Right Replacement To Liz Cheney?

Conservatives' reaction to Elise 
Stefanik replacing Liz Cheney:

Many were pleased to see the GOP finally get rid of Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the House. Her replacement is Elise Stefanik, who Trump, Jim Jordan and McCarthy praised and endorsed. Many Trump supporters do not seem to love her, but this really does bring up the question of if Stefanik is a better replacement to Cheney. More specifically, is Elise Stefanik better than Liz Cheney. In short, no she isn't. In this article, you'll probably see that Cheney should've stayed in that position. (Image credit: Tenor)

First of all, I do not like or support Liz Cheney. Not so much because of her beef with Trump. At this point, that shouldn't be a reason for you to support or hate a candidate. If you're basing your vote on what Trump says, you're a blind sheep just like Leftists. I'm looking at Cheney's positions. She's clearly a neocon war hawk with terrible foreign policies. So how much different is Elise Stefanik to Liz Cheney? 

For starters, despite Cheney not supporting Trump, she did still hold many conservative values, thus voting 93% of the time in favor of Trump's policies. Elise only voted in support with Trump about 78% of the time. (Stats: Politico) According to an article from Red Eagle Politics (who was the inspiration for this post), Stefanik stated that "conservatives need to be more accepting of pro-choice arguments, opposed Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords, bought into the net neutrality hysteria of 2017, and supported reducing religious liberty with her support of the 'Equality Act' back in the 116th Congress." 

Stefanik also voted against Trump's tax cuts bill, because Trump cut off any loopholes for her donors "via the elimination of the SALT deductions." In a Twitter thread, it showed that Elise "voted against Trump's wall, supported DACA,  co-sponsored Adam Kinzinger’s bill to give 4,000 new green cards to Afghans, came out against Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords," and much more.

She's also very fake. Laura Loomer shared her story of meeting Elise. She donated $500 to Stefanik's campaign, and openly endorsed Stefanik. Instead of being grateful for the support, the second Stefanik received complaints from the fake news media, she came back and said she doesn't support Loomer. Laura even said "she had no problem keeping my money though!" Elise claims she wants to see more women get the chance to be represented and "have a seat at the table," but completely alienated Loomer. 

It's a shame. I had really supported and liked Stefanik, as I saw that there was a woman who represented the conservative movement well. Or so I thought. Once again, when the glamour fades, and the grifters stop grifting, you see the truth. And boy, do I feel like a fool for supporting her.

Stefanik is not better than Cheney. If anything, this proves Cheney was more supprortive and loyal to Trump than Elise. This is not a step up. Instead of getting an America First fighter, we have an even worse Establishment Republican/liberal. There were so many more viable choices. Cheney isn't good, but we aren't getting better leadership with Stefanik. People believe Stefanik is pro-Trump, but she's a TINO (Trumpian In Name Only). Like I said, this shouldn't be the main reason you support a candidate, but you should note that the people saying she's a diehard Trumper are lying.

Mahgdalen Rose tweeted something to sum this article up perfectly: "Basically the GOP is firing someone who is actually a Conservative and hiring someone who is a classical liberal." I do truly hope she does well. but based on her record, I'm not overly hopeful. Don't believe the hype that "Elise Stefanik is the new face of the Republican party." Because she is not a good look for us.

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