Pornography and Conservatism DO NOT Go Together

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TPUSA found themselves in hot water (again) after porn star Brandi Love was caught attending the Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL. Many conservatives have been arguing about whether she should or shouldn't have been allowed to attend the event, as this event has many underaged attendees. TPUSA must have gotten wind of Brandi's presence, and kicked her out of the event, prompting more argument in the conservative world. Many argued she should have been allowed to attend the event, since TPUSA supports freedom. For me, pornography and conservatism DO NOT go together. 

Brandi said that the "Republican party is broken" because she was kicked out of the event. She is an adult porn star around underaged boys and girls. You wouldn't want to know you sent your daughter or son to a supposedly "Christian" event, only to discover a porn star is at that same event. There are kids as young as 14 or 15 at these events. Who in their right mind would support this? Unfortunately, there are a number of conservatives defending Brandi Love being at SAS. 

"I'm disappointed that TPUSA kicked out Brandi Love for no reason whatsoever. She's a Florida conservative businesswoman who loves America," Ben Domenech of The Federalist stated. 

"A few years ago they said we couldn't have conservative gays or trans people either" one Twitter user said. I've seen others defend Brandi. I will repeat: Pornography and conservatism do not go together. What is a porn star conserving?! She's a right-leaning libertarian.

Conservatism is rooted in Christian values. We believe our rights and freedoms come from God, as well as supporting traditional values (i.e. nuclear family). Pornography is the opposite of that. The porn industry is rooted in evil and control. I've written numerous times about my view on the lawsuits against porn giants like Mindgeek and Pornhub. This is no different. The porn industry thrives on sexual abuse, child rape, exploitation, and many other horrible things. 

Brandi, perhaps, isn't like this, but I don't believe you can call yourself a conservative while being a porn star. Especially in an industry like that. The two aren't compatible. Conservatives don't agree with worldly ideas like drag queen story hour or porn stars hanging out with minors. As I wrote previously, that's why much of the Hispanic vote is going to Republicans

Love may have right leaning views, such as supporting the 2nd Amendment or supports free enterprise, but that doesn't equate to conservatism.

This brings up the issue in the conservative world. People have this worldly view of what being a conservative means, when true conservatives are God-fearing people. You cannot be a Christian porn star, nor can you be a conservative porn star. I'll admit I had a more worldly view of conservatism, but people like Red Eagle Politics, Vince Dao, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, or Lauren Witzke have made me realize my viewing of conservatism was wrong.

What bothers me is how people defended Turning Point by saying, "TPUSA didn't invite Brandi, she bought a ticket." I get that, but TPUSA is the same organization who will ban someone the week before if they discover that person had any support to deplatformed conservatives. If that's the case, why weren't they able to see Brandi bought this ticket and ban her before she attended? That's what it all comes down to. If they can keep America First supporters from attending their conferences, why not the same for a porn star?

The people who say they disagree with big tech spying on us, do the same to their attendees to make sure they have views that only align with TPUSA.

It would be one thing if Brandi was a former porn star who found Christ, but that isn't the case. For anyone underaged reading this, please don't go looking at Brandi's Twitter. Brandi's pinned tweet is of her showing all her stuff for you, telling you to join her Only Fans. I should mention Only Fans is being investigated for allowing child porn on their website (color me unsurprised). 

Porn is a sin in our culture, yet we're supposed to believe that it's acceptable. Don't believe the lie, especially from so-called conservatives. As someone who is both conservative and anti-porn, I cannot support this and neither should you. Pornography and conservativism DO NOT go together. One cannot support the other. 

Remember this. Fight The New Drug states, "sex trafficking cannot exist without porn, and porn cannot exist without sex trafficking." Do conservatives really want porn stars influencing the next generation of conservative leaders?

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