Conservatives Must Prepare For 2022

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Bouncing off my "DeSantis vs Trump: Who Would Be The Better Candidate" article, I wanted to write a separate post about something I mentioned. In that article, I stated, "I will note, however, that 2022 is approaching us and we need to make sure we have good representatives in office." Before we even consider the next presidential race, we need to make sure conservatives win in all local races. I think too many conservatives are focusing on 2024, and I get the reasoning. Obviously, I have done the same. But we cannot look so far into the future without considering what is approaching us. 

In 2022, Republicans could have the chance of regaining to House and Senate. Democrats lost seats, whereas Republicans gained seats. Republicans also kept their majority in state legislative branches, and hold the majority in governorships. Clearly, we are doing well, but unless we avoid the disaster of the runoff election in Georgia, we won't gain many victories. Look at North Carolina. The governor is a Democrat, but the legislature is held by Republicans so he cannot go through with any radical ideas. Places like Florida and Texas have Republicans running majority of the legislative branch, as well as the governorship. Unfortunately, seeing what happened with the 2020 presidential election, we could easily lose these strongholds

Something I wanted to note, and I will also be writing about soon, is how a certain demographic has changed their voting. Hispanic and Latino voters are becoming more right-leaning, and therefore voting for Republicans. The race in McAllen, Texas, is proof of what I'm saying. The GOP needs to stop giving people like Caitlyn Jenner a voice, and start supporting local candidates who would reach this demographic easily. I don't know who was stupid enough to believe Jenner cared about conservative or Republican values. Of course there is little chance they will because it's national politics that makes them money.

Even in my interview with Mahgdalen Rose, I asked her why less conservatives or Republicans are less likely to show up to local elections. She stated what I also have said. "For a long time, I was wondering why the Republican party was obsessed with the Presidency. Republicans used to focus on governorships and state legislatures. We held those positions for so long. Now this focus on the national elections have made local politics less relevant. Local races are important because that's how you control the government. If President Biden had a Republican-led Senate and House, he would not be pushing the things he is pushing. He wouldn't be signing the things he is signing because he would upset the legislators. If you're concerned about voting rights or other issues, that happens at the state/local level. That's something the RNC doesn't focus enough on. They just want to fundraise, and it's easier to fundraise at the national level."

If you really want to make an impact, you have to get involved in local campaigns. You make a bigger difference when you work on a local candidate's campaign. I volunteered for two different campaigns. One won his race, while the other came in third. Even the one who came in third, he ran a very localized, grassroots campaign. We didn't have the money like the two frontrunners, yet we still reached so many by being there. 

Look at "The Squad." All of them are Representatives. Their job isn't necessarily important, but by winning their race, they now use their platform to push their messaging. Democrats give them the platform needed to get their messaging out. Republicans could reach more voters if they helped local candidates. Even the first time I spoke with Joe Harding about the importance of local politics, he gave a great response for why Republicans need to be involved in local politics. "Republicans should be emphasizing local elections more. Local is where the work happens. National is where they talk about it and do nothing. If you think about how little work is done in DC, it’ll make your head spin. Conservatives should get involved in local politics because local is what affects our everyday life."

To summarize what I stated, conservatives and Republicans need to be prepared for 2022. Everyone has to come out to vote. Everyone should work on a local candidate's campaign. I have said this numerous times, but I do intend to work on Gov. DeSantis' reelection campaign. If we don't fight for our local and state races, Democrats will easily win.

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